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Applications to establish Danske Hypotek have been granted

Danske Bank's applications for permission to start mortgage lending and issue covered bonds has been granted by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA). This means that Danske Hypotek will get access to the Swedish capital market through covered bonds which will benefit the customers of Danske Bank in the long term.

As part of Danske Bank's ambition to strengthen its position in the Swedish personal banking market, last year Danske Hypotek applied for permissions to be a credit market company and to issue covered bonds. The FSA has announced that the applications have been granted.

"We are pleased that these permissions are now in place. Through Danske Hypotek we get access to the Swedish capital market, which will benefit our customers in the long term. Our ongoing partnerships with union organizations Saco and TCO is also about making extra valuable mortgage offers available to all 2 million union members. The new credit market company, in combination with these partnership agreements, means we will now strengthen our position in the Swedish personal banking market,” says Stojko Gjurovski, Head of Personal Banking in Danske Bank Sweden.

“While waiting for this decision, Danske Hypotek has worked with a variety of preparations to start its operations. As an example, we have held a number of meetings with institutional investors, and we look forward to offering the market our first covered bonds during the autumn,” says Per Tunestam, CEO of Danske Hypotek.

Danske Hypotek is a subsidiary of Danske Bank A/S and is subject to supervision by the Swedish Financial Supervision Authority. As Sweden is a core market for Danske Bank, this is a very important strategic move for the bank.

For further information, please contact

Stojko Gjurovski, Head of Personal Banking, Danske Bank Sweden
+46 70 681 00 75,

Per Tunestam, CEO, Danske Hypotek
+46 70 874 48 41,

Anna Sundblad, Press Officer, Danske Bank Sweden
+46 70-644 01 40,