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Danske Bank enters into partnership with Swedish FinTech company Minna Technologies

A new partnership between Danske Bank and Minna Technologies offers our customers access to a “Subscription Manager” solution, which gives them a better overview of all their subscriptions and the possibility of saving both time and money.

Danske Bank has entered into a Nordic partnership with Swedish FinTech company, Minna Technologies. The company has developed a solution that makes it easy for our customers to manage and optimise their subscriptions – a solution that will be integrated into Danske Bank’s new Mobile Banking app.

Our customers have more and more subscriptions, which makes it difficult to stay on top of them all. The subscription manager solution will provide customers with an overview of subscriptions – paid either by card or Betalingsservice (direct debit), while also allowing for easy cancellations. In addition, our customers can save both time and money by allowing Minna Technologies to negotiate a better price on current subscriptions or identify and sign up to new subscriptions.

“This is a good example of an innovative, digital solution that we believe can make a difference for our customers, and which is closely aligned with our ambition of giving customers full control and overview of their finances.”

- Lars Malmberg, Global Head of Business Development in Danske Bank.

As another example of a new digital solution, offering customers a better financial overview, Lars highlights the soon to be introduced functionality, which allows customers to view all their accounts across various banks in Danske Bank’s new Mobile Banking app.

More partnerships with FinTechs
Minna Technologies has already introduced its solution in Sweden, but Danske Bank will be the first bank to enter into an agreement with the company outside of Sweden.

“Minna Technologies is proud to partner with Danske Bank. From both an innovation and value perspective, we believe that Danske Bank is a perfect partnership match for Minna Technologies. We are impressed by their focus on creating new value for customers, and their agility and fast decision-making, which is important for us to continue our rapid growth”, says Joakim Sjöblom, CEO and Head of Partnerships, Minna Technologies.

The subscription manager will be available to our Danish customers in the course of 2018, while Finland and Norway will follow in 2019. The solution will be gradually implemented, where the first launch will give our customers access to a simple overview of their subscriptions. Later follows the possibility to cancel subscriptions, and finally, the option to let Minna Technologies make subscription improvements on the customer’s behalf.

 "We consider Minna Technologies a key partner that can help us achieve our goal of being a digital front-runner. We expect to see more partnerships with innovative FinTechs going forward. If we are to be at the cutting edge of digital solutions, we need not only to be innovative ourselves, but also to look out for partnership possibilities with FinTechs offering new solution and value adds for our customers.”

- Lars Malmberg, Global Head of Business Development in Danske Bank.