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New partnership deal with Norwegian trade union Tekna

Danske Bank’s renewed agreement with Norwegian labor organization Akademikerne has been expanded. Tekna’s 75,000 members are coming onboard.

The announcement comes only a week after Akademikerne renewed their main agreement with Danske Bank for another three years. The agreement is valid from 1 January 2019 and will run for three years.

This is Norway's most attractive membership agreement with a very professional partner where the members expect a lot from us. This new deal will make us work even harder to prove ourselves, while at the same time forcing us to enhance our customer facing solutions further. With the new Akademikerne agreement already in place it was very important for us to land this deal with Tekna too, so this is indeed a very good day for us at Danske Bank.

Trond  F. Mellingsæter

Country manager, Danske Bank Norway

Tekna: Being a member should be beneficial
Tekna is a union for graduate technical and scientific professionals in Norway, and is a part of the Akademikerne members association.

-Tekna’s goal is to be a solid and reliable partner for our working members, backing them throughout their careers, while at the same time trying to contribute to society as a whole. Being a member of Tekna should also be economically beneficial, says acting Secretary General for Tekna, Line Henriette Holten.

She’s very pleased about the fact that her union and Danske Bank now has a new agreement in place.

- The agreement gives all our 76.000 members the best banking terms possible, not only today but also over time. By finalizing this agreement we are joining the rest of the Akademikerne members, giving us all an advantage when it comes to negotiating the best terms, says Holten.

Will become strategic partners 
- We are really looking forward to prove to our new partner that we are a solid and trusted bank, going the extra mile when it comes to keeping mortgage rates low and when it comes to banking consulting. According to the agreement, Tekna and Danske Banks will also act as strategic partners for one another, meaning that the bank will offer its knowledge and consulting services to all parts of the union, says Danske Bank’s Mellingsæter.

About Akademikerne and Tekna

Akademikerne (The Federation of Norwegian Professional Associations) – which Tekna is a part of - is the primary Norwegian organization dedicated to improving salary and working conditions for professionals with a higher education. The organization was founded in 1997, has 13 member organization and a total of 203.000 members.