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Danske Bank will offer its customers a total overview of their accounts across banks

Danske Bank’s new mobile banking solution will soon enable customers to gather payment and bank details of all the banks that they use in an easy and simple manner.

“Bank customers who use several banks currently need different mobile banking or online banking solutions to gain a total overview of their finances. However, we are seeing an increasing demand for solutions that provide a total overview of financial data in an easy and simple manner. Therefore, we now enable customers to gather accounts across banks in Danske Bank’s new mobile banking solution,” says Lars Malmberg, Global Head of Business Development.

The solution will be available in the new version of Danske Mobile Banking. In Sweden, we expect that customers will be able to gather their financial data from April 2018. Later in the year, we expect to be able to give customers in Denmark, Norway and Finland access to the new solution, too. The decision to offer customers a total financial overview across banks is closely connected with the new payment services directive (PSD2), which aims to enhance transparency and increase competition for the benefit of consumers.

With the implementation of the directive, customers can access their data at banks and exchange them with other banks or payment service providers. Customers will be able to gather these data in the solution that Danske Bank will soon make available in Danske Mobile Banking.

"We fully support PSD2, which will increase the competition to develop new platforms and solutions that create value for our customers. The first step is to provide customers with an overview of their accounts with the banks they use", says Lars Malmberg and continues:

Thanks to this solution, we believe that we will be able to offer customers simpler and much easier ways to gain a better financial overview. It is Danske Bank’s ambition to be a leader in digital solutions, and, in a dialogue with our customers, we will continue to develop new digital solutions that meet customer demand and support the intentions of the PSD2 directive”.

- Lars Malmberg, Global Head of Business Development, Danske Bank