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MobilePay to be introduced at S Group shops in Finland

In the autumn, all Finns will be offered the possibility to pay for their shopping and collect Bonus using a mobile phone. This becomes a reality as S Group and S-Bank enable payment with MobilePay at all S Group’s grocery shops around Finland. Contrary to competing solutions, MobilePay works with all smartphones and the cards of all banks.

Mobile payment will truly arrive in Finland in the autumn as a cooperation between S Group, S-Bank and MobilePay will make it possible to pay for one’s shopping with a mobile phone at S Group’s nearly one thousand grocery shops, as well as webstores. By connecting the S-Etukortti card details to MobilePay, customers will also get their Bonus as the possibility to receive electronic cash and warranty receipts. The service works with all smartphones and the cards of all banks.
“The new payment solution will enable payment and accumulating Bonus by a single swing of one’s mobile phone for all Finns. Finnish customers pay more than 1.5 million times at S Group shops every day. Since MobilePay works with all smartphones and the cards of all banks, this solution offers the foundation for a true revolution in mobile payment”

- Jari Annala, CFO of SOK and chairman of the board of directors of S-Bank.

MobilePay to become an independent subsidiary
In Denmark, MobilePay operates as an independent subsidiary of Danske Bank. In Finland, an independent subsidiary of Danish MobilePay will soon be established.
“With the establishment of a subsidiary, MobilePay will become a neutral partner for all Finnish banks and other companies. Our new co-operation with S Group and S-Bank is a breakthrough for mobile payments in Finland. It will contribute to further rapid growth for MobilePay in 2018. It is our goal during the next few years to become a must-have solution for all Finnish businesses and consumers across all payment situations”

- Mark Wraa-Hansen, CEO of MobilePay A/S.