Building trusted customer relationships

As a bank, we play a fundamental role in lending money to businesses and investing our customers’ funds to achieve the best long-term results. We share accountability for how these funds are used, and we believe businesses that act responsibly create the best long-term value for shareholders and society. 




The best possible advice

Customer relationships are built on trust. We are committed to providing advice with a high level of integrity and easy access to financial products and services. We tailor advice to each customer’s situation.
In 2015, we launched a new strategy in Denmark, "My Bank", which measures our advisers by a single success criterion: customer satisfaction. 

Responsible investing

At Danske Bank, we invest in accordance with international principles for human and labour rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption. We believe in open dialogue and active ownership and engagement with the companies we invest in.
At Danske Bank, we believe in open dialogue and active engagement with the companies that we invest in.

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Active ownership shows we take our ownership responsibilities seriously when we make significant investments. 

Responsible lending

 When granting loans, we enter into a long-term commitment and dialogue with our customers. We follow strict lending practices that take environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks into account when assessing the creditworthiness of a potential customer. 

We openly address sectors and companies that involve specific risks, and for sectors that pose serious risks, we may refrain from providing credit altogether.

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Accessibility for everyone

As services become increasingly digitalised and cash disappears, the risk of excluding vulnerable groups or organisations from financial services increases. We strive to take a leading role in this transformation and ensure that daily banking is accessible, easy and secure for all our customers.
Cash card
For customers in Denmark who are unable to visit branches or ATMs, we offer cash cards that don’t require a PIN. They can be used at all ATMs and shops that accept MasterCard. 
Talking ATMs
To help visually impaired customers, many of our ATMs in Denmark, Sweden, and Ireland have synthetic speech.
Easier online banking
To accommodate Danish customers who are not confident with digital banking, we have developed Easy Banking – a simplified version of our eBanking system.
Information by letter
For customers with special needs who have difficulty with digital communication, we offer correspondence by ordinary post at no extra cost.

Keeping it safe

As we digitalise our business, we educate our customers and employees about security risks continually in order to help create better habits. We promote safe online behaviour through internal eLearning activities for our employees, post warnings for personal customers on social media, and provide individual advice on IT security to our business customers. 


  • 21. aug 2018Stakeholder Policy
  • 19. jan 2018Conflict of Interest Policy
  • 31. jan 2018Code of Conduct Policy


We are committed to helping manage the transition to future financial services in a responsible manner and to ensuring that our services are easy to use and accessible.
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Our independent compliance function is responsible for assessing and monitoring whether we comply with applicable laws, regulations and ethical standards.
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Our approach

At Danske Bank, we integrate corporate responsibility in our core business, work with partners and stakeholders, and report on our progress regularly.
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