Corporate volunteering

At Danske Bank, we believe that when employees get the opportunity to volunteer in charitable activities, it creates value for society, our business and the employee as well. Our employees can make a difference in the communities we are part of by using their knowledge and skills in economics and personal finances.

Helping people manage their debt

I have volunteered in the debt advisory initiative since it first started in September 2009. I spend about three hours every Tuesday helping people get an overview of their financial situation, make a budget and settle agreements with creditors, for example. I volunteered because I wanted to take part in charitable work in a situation where I could make a difference with the knowledge that I have acquired from many years in banking. It is within my field of interest, and I can offer competencies that not everyone has.”

Jan Qvistorff

Personal Banking Advisor, Copenhagen

Ordinary Matters in Finland

Besides being a banker, I am also a mother of two and a stepmother of three young adults. I therefore found it interesting to volunteer for Ordinary Matters, where I can help other young adults who need support in making sound financial choices.”

Tanja Carita Kaltiola

Head of Cash Management Sales, Danske Bank

Educating students in elementary school

I love to communicate what I know and my personal experience from the financial sector in a completely different setting. When I work with customers at the Bank, I adapt my advice to their various ages, but when I teach, I am forced to take a step back and understand the mindset of teenagers. What is important to them –  friends, homework, after-school activities or part-time jobs? I can bring these insights back and use them when I speak with young customers or parents of schoolchildren. It is satisfying to teach young people about finances in a fun and engaging way, and I love the many questions I always get in the classroom.”

Heidi Christel Fog Hansen

Personal Banking Advisor, Denmark

Financial confidence

We believe that strong financial skills are important stepping stones for making better financial choices when faced with complex situations later on in life.
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Promoting a healthy working environment

We do our best to maintain a healthy and safe working environment. Our initiatives are intended to improve our employees’ work/life balance and to promote physical and psychological well-being at the workplace.
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Diversity and inclusion

We believe that a diverse workforce helps expand our perspective in the various geographical regions where we do business.
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