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Please contact us if you have questions or comments about our work with Societal Impact and Sustainability. Send an Email to
  • Jeanette Fangel Løgstrup

    Head of Societal Impact & Sustainability

  • Dorte Eckhoff

    Head of Impact Programmes & Development


Our policies put our core values into practice and together with the Essence of Danske Bank, they guide and govern how we conduct our business and engage with customers, colleagues and society in general. Our policies apply to all employees across Danske Bank.
  • 09. okt 2018Conflict of Interest Policy
  • 09. okt 2018AML CTF and Sanctions Policy
  • 09. okt 2018Whistleblowing Policy
  • 09. okt 2018Compliance Policy
  • 21. aug 2018Stakeholder Policy
  • 16. mar 2018Remuneration Policy
  • 06. dec 2017IR policy - November 2017
  • 30. nov 2017Diversity and Inclusion Policy
  • 23. nov 2017Responsibility Policy
  • 14. nov 2017Responsible Investment Policy
  • 26. apr 2017Tax Policy
  • 31. jan 2017External Publication of Information Management Policy