Connecting startups with employees and investors

Entrepreneurs and small business are essential for innovation, productivity and economic growth in society. In order for them to succeed in their growth ambitions, however, many things need to fall in to place. We want to make it as easy as possible for startups to deal with some of the challenges related to scalability, such as recruiting the right people, gaining access to funding and finding the tools they need quickly.

That is what The Hub does. The Hub is a digital community developed in a collaboration between Danske Bank, Rainmaking Loft in Denmark and SUP46 in Sweden. The Hub is available in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. 

Finding brilliant people to create brilliant things

In early-stage startups, it is really important to get help with recruitment. Because being a start-up is not a one-man show, and hiring is challenging.  

In the startup community, finding the right team members is at the top of the list of challenges related to scalability.

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Discovering the hidden gem among startups

For startups, The Hub helps them screen investors to find the ones that are most relevant. For investors, The Hub is a digital forum where they can look for hidden gems.

"The startups we meet at networking events and like are already part of the ecosystem – and most of them already know us. But we are sure that there are some hidden gems – great businesses and entrepreneurs who do not necessarily go to these events. This new digital platform will be a tremendous help in activating the ecosystem and enabling us to build relationships with people we otherwise would not have met." 
- Sabina Wizander, Investment Manager at Creandum, on using The Hub

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Reusing tools and templates

The Hub continually creates tools and guides that enable startups to quickly produce critical documents such pitch decks.

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