Sustainable Investments

When you entrust us with your savings at Danske Bank, it is important to ensure that we give you both competitive and sustainable returns over time. This means that we, as part of our investment process, incorporate corporate governance, environmental and social factors alongside financial factors.

We invest for value while addressing the needs of our customers, our role in society, and the evolving landscape of sustainability standards around the world.

Ulrika Hasselgren

Head of Sustainability & Impact Investment at Danske Bank 

How we work 

Our sustainable investing approach stands on a solid foundation with several building blocks to help us invest in a manner that provides our customers attractive solutions, products, and returns in a sustainable manner. We assess corporate governance, environmental and social factors and also deal with sustainability risks and dilemmas. We aim to be open about these and collaborate with customers and stakeholders to find the best possible solutions.

We consider sustainability and impact when investing

We evaluate our investments to understand its sustainability standard and its impact on people, the environment, and the planet. We do this through a systematic process including both screening and scoring of companies and portfolios. 

We are active owners

We vote at general meetings and engage with companies to better understand their business and to influence and support their long-term growth.

We are open through disclosure and reporting

We disclose our policies and way of working and will continuously update these with the aim for the best practice in the field. We also report on progress to our customers.

We seek to influence through collaboration

We endorse and are committed to several industry initiatives to support sustainable development and to promote transparency of corporate responsibility. 

Active ownership through dialogue and voting

We integrate environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) as factors alongside financial factors in our investment processes. Our focus is on material matters, and we engage through dialogue with portfolio companies to understand and address risks and opportunities, concerns or dilemmas, and to influence and advocate for high ESG standards.

Our dialogue is fund-manager-driven and we seek to be constructive and build trust and mutual understanding. We also leverage our power as investor to influence portfolio companies and to support their long-term growth by voting at annual general meetings.

Read our report on active ownership here

Danske Bank is the main partner of Danske Invest. See how we voted at general meetings on behalf of Danske Invest here

Collaboration with like-minded to make an impact

By working with other like-minded investors and stakeholders, we want to contribute to increasing knowledge and understanding as sustainability issues evolve – and hopefully make a greater impact together through various forums and initiatives.

  • Carbon Disclosure Project
    Danske Bank is a signatory to the CDP, a not-for-profit organisation that collects and shares information on greenhouse gas emissions and climate change strategies to enable investors to mitigate risk and capitalise on opportunities related to climate change.

    Learn more
  • Institutional Investor Group on Climate Change
    Danske Bank is a member of the IIGCC. The IIGCC consists of more than 90 members, including some of the largest pension funds and asset managers in Europe, and represents €7.5 trillion in assets. The IIGCC’s mission is to provide a collaborative platform to encourage public policies, investment practices and corporate behaviour that address the long-term risks and opportunities associated with climate change.

    Learn more
  • Principles for Responsible Investments
    Danske Bank has signed the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investments, which is an investor initiative launched in 2006 with more than 1,600 signatories globally.

    Learn more
  • United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative
    Danske Bank is a member of the UNEPFI, which  is a global partnership between UNEP and the financial sector. More than 200 institutions, including banks, insurers and fund managers, work with UNEP to understand the effects of environmental and social considerations on financial performance.

    Learn more


Funds with increased focus on sustainability

Considering sustainability is something we do in all our own funds.

A range of our own funds have an individual sustainability profile and a specific Morningstar Sustainability Rating, so our customers are able to see how the fund performs in regards to sustainability.

For other funds, we have set out additional criteria for responsibility to meet particular customer demand. See which ones here

Want to learn more?

In our policies and reports you are able to read more detailed descriptions of how we at Danske Bank work with sustainability when investing.

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