Sustainable workplace

We have more than 22,000 colleagues and we are committed to creating an engaging, inclusive and sustainable workplace in which we maintain a safe and healthy working environment, foster a culture of diversity and reduce our environmental footprint.  



Corporate volunteering

Employees at Danske Bank have the opportunity to spend one workday per year to participate in voluntary work. We call it ‘Time to Give’ and our employees are spending their time on e.g. cleaning up the nature, helping boys from vulnerable neighbourhoods kick-starting start-ups, and providing debt counselling for people with debt problems.
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Facts about our employees

At the end of 2019, gender representation among our employees was split evenly with 50% men and 50% women

The employees average age was 41 years in 2019

The average years of service was 11 in 2019

Diversity and inclusion

At Danske Bank, an inclusive culture and a diverse workforce are seen as prerequisites for maintaining a high-performance organisation and for broadening our thinking. By promoting gender balance, we also unlock other facets of diversity. Read more about our efforts in the Sustainability Report

Copenhagen Pride week: we celebrate diversity

Copenhagen Pride Week is a celebration of diversity and the right to be yourself, regardless of your gender and sexual orientation. At Danske Bank, we want to support this message, because we see diversity among our staff as a strength and a key part of offering the best possible customer experiences.
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Promoting a healthy working environment

We do our best to maintain a healthy and safe working environment. Our initiatives are intended to improve work/life balance and to promote physical and psychological well-being in the workplace.

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Our environmental footprint

We have implemented an environmental management system to minimise our CO2 emissions and manage our environmental impact as effectively as possible.

CO2 neutral since 2009

Since 2015, we have invested DKK 7 billion in green bonds.

All electricity consumption at Danske Bank premises is supplied by renewable energy

We have signed up to RE100 to underline our commitment to sourcing renewable energy

Carbon credits

The amount of CO2 Danske Bank cannot eliminate is neutralised by the purchase of CO2 credits. These credits originates from projects, where actual CO2 reductions are made, and they are all certified by the Gold Standard or equivalent international standards.

  • 05. feb 2009Wind power in Turkey
  • 05. feb 2009Rudaiciai Wind Power Park
  • 06. feb 2014Household biogas plants
  • 06. feb 2014Energy from rice husks


Take a look at the many exciting job openings across Danske Bank, sign up for our Job Agent or submit your CV to our CV base.
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At Danske Bank, our employees support and share ambitions of our customers and the communities we are a part of.
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Our Approach

Read more about our Societal Impact strategy, related policies and governance, position statements and the international initiatives and standards we support.
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