Diversity & inclusion

We want to be a bank where everyone has the same opportunities and feels free to be who they are. Diversity and inclusion is considered key to unlocking the full potential of our employees and broadening our thinking which will form the basis for better decision making.

We to want to grow a diverse and inclusive workplace that reflects the societies we are part of and ultimately enable us to provide the best customer experience. On this page you can read more about how we work with diversity and inclusion.


Examples of how we work with Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

We have established a D&I council and appointed D&I leads in all parts of the bank to ensure sufficient actions are taken to increase diversity and inclusion.

Gender diversity is a recognised multiplier for other areas of diversity. We have a target to increase the share of women in senior leadership positions from 23% to 35% (equivalent to a 50% increase).

We are working to reduce gender bias in recruitment by, e.g., providing recruitment training for managers, screening job ads for gender neutrality and ensuring a gender-neutral use of recruitment channels.

Rainbow families in Danske Bank have the same rights to maternity-, paternity- and parental leave as other families which is beyond the existing legislation in many countries.
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Meet some of our female leaders and hear their view on diversity


Rainbow networks

Our employees have established internal Rainbow networks for LGBT+ and allies in various countries, including Denmark, Lithuania and Northern Ireland. 'Allies' refer to anyone who wants to support the LGBT+ agenda, inclusion and diversity in the bank.

How we celebrate Pride

During the latest Pride week in Copenhagen, we had a wide range of activities to put spotlight on the importance of diversity and inclusion. We sponsored Copenhagen Pride, had rainbow banners on our headquarters, and we hosted internal events with speakers focusing on LGBT+ topics. In addition, our employees volunteered for the organisation behind Copenhagen Pride and celebrated Pride by participating in events such as Drag Bingo, Dance with Pride and Run with Pride.
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Diversity and inclusion policy 

Our Diversity and inclusion Policy forms the basis for our efforts to ensure an inclusive workplace with a diverse workforce reflecting the societies we are part of.
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Societal Impact

We want to play an active role and make a positive impact in society by driving sustainable progress and using our expertise to make a positive difference.
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Life at Danske Bank

Meet some of our cool colleagues and learn more about life at Danske Bank.
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At Danske Bank, our employees support and share ambitions of our customers and the communities we are a part of.
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