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Procurement and invoicing platform coming soon

On November 23 2020, Danske Bank will launch a new unified procurement and invoicing platform and as a supplier you will experience multiple benefits.
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Coronavirus updates

In Danske Bank we want to protect and support our customers, employees and external partners, so we have therefore enforced a number of initiatives in the situation of Coronavirus (Covid-19)
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Danske Bank is advancing payments to suppliers

Danske Bank will move payments forward to suppliers with a minimum of two weeks to help increase liquidity for businesses in the light of current coronavirus situation.

Danske Bank will generally pay suppliers at least two weeks earlier than mandated by existing terms of payment. This will speed up transfers of liquidity from the bank to its suppliers.
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The investigations relating to Danske Bank Estonian branch

The conclusions of the investigations into Danske Bank’s Estonia branch initiated in the autumn of 2017 were presented on 19 September 2018. It is clear that the problems related to the Estonian branch were much bigger than anticipated when we initiated the investigations. The investigations showed that from 2007 and 2015 reprehensible conditions at our Estonian branch and at Group level allowed Danske Bank’s branch in Estonia to be misused for suspicious transactions, and they also showed that we reacted too late and too slowly.
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Social Responsibility

When we buy products and services for Danske Bank Group, we are committed to drive sustainable progress and positive impact in the societies we are part of  as well as to operate our business sustainably, ethically and transparently .

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Invoice requirements

To allow us to pay our bills on time, invoices must contain a number of details so that they can go directly through the invoice process.
Danske Bank has requirements for invoices, addresses and other useful information

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Sourcing processes

We have central unit that is responsible for a smooth sourcing processes across Danske Bank group. We choose our suppliers on the basis of an overall assessment of price, quality and their ability to meet our environmental, security and process standards.

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Guidelines and manuals

Find the relevant guidelines and manuals concerning Danske Bank procedures, environmental requirements, as well as our design manual

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Social responsibility

Social responsibility and concern for the environment are important to us when we select suppliers and products.
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Tenders and procurement

Danske Bank, we use e-Sourcing to obtain information, prices and offers from suppliers in connection with tenders and day-to-day procurement. We also use e-Auction, wherever possible.
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