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Entrepreneurs and small businesses are essential to innovation, productivity and economic growth in society.

We want to make it easier for Nordic start-ups and growth companies to accelerate expansion, achieve their ambitions and make positive societal impact. On this page, you can read more about our various initiatives to help sustainable start-ups to scale.

Target & status

This target links to Sustainable Development Goal #8: Decent work and economic growth.

  • 2023-target: To support 10,000 startups and scaleups with growth and impact tools, services and expertise.
  • 2022 status: 7,231 start-ups and scale-ups supported since 2016.

Selected initiatives

The Hub - a cross Nordic community platform
We want to make it as easy as possible for start-ups to tackle some of the challenges associated with recruiting the right people, accessing finance, and finding the tools they need quickly. The Hub therefore connects digital investors, employees and start-ups. The Hub has been developed in a strategic partnership with Rainmaking, and we have teamed up with SingularityU Nordic in Sweden, Nordic impact in Norway, Maria01 in Finland and Catalyst Inc. in Belfast.

Visit The Hub

+impact and + impact accelerator
+impact is a free platform connecting startups with investors propelling positive impact in the Nordics, and +impact Accelerator is a program that helps impact start-ups execute on their business model and find suitable partnerships, for example with large companies.

Visit +impact 

Read about +impact accelerator

A dedicated team that provides financial and non-financial services
The team is called Growth & impact and supports Nordic start-ups in growing their business from establishment to growth and internationalization to exit. They deliver

  • sparring and advice based on deep understanding and experience with the startup segment
  • financial solutions that support business growth and after exit also asset management, etc.

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The Canute program
A three-day intensive market introduction to markets such as USA, UK, Germany and the Nordic region for startups.


Angel investor academy
A training course for Private Banking customers in becoming a more qualified business angel/investor in startups.

Data & transparency within the segment

Danske Bank also contributes to a large event and reporting activity that provides data and transparency within the segment. You can, for example, read the reports below.
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  • 27. maj 2020State of Nordic Impact Start-ups 2020
  • 17. sep 2019Impact Report Nordic Investors 2019
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  • 27. sep 2018Impact Startups - Insight Report 2018_July
  • 01. jan 0001Return on diversity

Selected publications 

In our Sustainability Report you can read more about our initiatives on entrepreneurship - for example ideation workshops.
  • 02. feb 2023Sustainability Report 2022
  • 02. feb 2023Sustainability Fact Book 2022
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