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Entrepreneurs and small businesses are essential to innovation, productivity and economic growth in society.

We want to make it easier for Nordic start-ups and growth companies to accelerate expansion, achieve their ambitions and make positive societal impact. On this page, you can read more about our various initiatives to help sustainable start-ups to scale.

We also have a specialist unit - Danske Bank Growth - for startups and scaleups, offering advisors specialised in the needs of the segment, financing, and a full package of bank products that match the needs of companies as they grow.

Selected initiatives

A training course for Private Banking customers in becoming a more qualified business angel/investor in startups.

A three-day intensive market introduction to markets such as USA, UK, Germany and the Nordic region for startups.


The Hub connects digital investors, employees and start-ups.

In that way it becomes easier for start-ups to tackle some of the challenges associated with recruiting the right people, accessing finance, and finding the tools they need quickly. The Hub has been developed in a strategic partnership with Rainmaking.

Visit The Hub

+impact is a free platform connecting startups with investors propelling positive impact in the Nordics, and +impact Accelerator is a program that helps impact start-ups execute on their business model and find suitable partnerships, for example with large companies.

Visit +impact 
Read about +impact accelerator

Target & status

  • 2023-target: To support 10,000 startups and scaleups with growth and impact tools, services and expertise.

  • 2022 status: 7,231 start-ups and scale-ups supported since 2016.

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