Our approach

On this page you can read more about our Societal Impact & Sustainability strategy, related policies and governance, position statements and the international initiatives and standards we support.

Our strategic direction

We are stepping up our commitment to make a positive impact in the societies we are part of. We have therefore set seven new specific targets to reflect our increased ambitions for societal impact and sustainability.

Related Policies 

Our related policies govern and guide our approach to and principles for conducting our business in a sustainable and responsible manner.
  • 06. jun 2019Societal Impact and Sustainability Policy
  • 18. jan 2021Diversity and Inclusion Policy
  • 06. jan 2020Sustainable Investment Policy
  • 08. jun 2020Stakeholder Policy
  • 10. feb 2020Tax Policy

Position Statements

Our Position Statements clarify our viewpoint on core sustainability themes and outline our expectations to companies we actively invest in and lend to within various sectors.

  • 11. sep 2019Danske Bank Position Statement Agriculture
  • 06. dec 2019Danske Bank Position Statement Arms and Defence
  • 11. sep 2019Danske Bank Position Statement Climate Change
  • 11. sep 2019Danske Bank Position Statement Forestry
  • 11. sep 2019Danske Bank Position Statement Fossil Fuels
  • 11. sep 2019Danske Bank Position Statement Human Rights
  • 11. sep 2019Danske Bank Position Statement Mining and Metals

Poseidon Principles

As signatory to the Poseidon Principles, we publish our Portfolio Climate Alignment Score. Read more about Poseidon Principles and our score in the Poseidon Principles Annual Disclosure Report 2020 here

Engaging with stakeholders

A close dialogue with our stakeholders is a key part of the way we conduct our business. We welcome dialogue with all stakeholders, whatever their views, and our approach is driven by our ambition to create value for all stakeholders, by our commitment to transparency and our core values of integrity and collaboration. 
Specifically with regards to political stakeholders, we do not make financial contributions, directly or indirectly, to political parties or candidates. 


Danske Bank fosters a strong compliance culture in order to ensure its integrity and to maintain the trust of our customers and society at large. We do this through the effective management of compliance risks, which entails compliance responsibilities for all employees. 

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Sustainability governance structure

The Board of Directors receives regular updates on sustainability to review performance and discuss environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. 
Our Business Integrity Committee develops and oversees the implementation of our sustainability-related strategies and policies. The committee is chaired by the Head of Wealth Management, and consists of the Executive Leadership Team, the CEO of Danica Pension and the Head of Societal Impact & Sustainability.
As well as being responsible for coordinating the implementation of decisions made by the Business Integrity Committee, the Societal Impact & Sustainability function is also responsible for monitoring progress on the strategy and for the annual sustainability reporting.

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Reporting & data

In our Sustainability Report, you can find information about our sustainability performance in 2019. In addition, you can find detailed and segmented data in our Fact Book as well as our Statement on Modern Slavery Act 2019 and Statement on Carbon Neutrality 2019.
  • 05. feb 2020Sustainability Report 2019
  • 05. feb 2020Sustainability Fact Book 2019
  • 05. feb 2020Statement of Carbon Neutrality 2019
  • 05. feb 2020Statement on Modern Slavery Act 2019


We want to play an active role in society by driving sustainable progress and using our expertise to make a positive difference.
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Strategic Themes

We support the Sustainable Development Goals and have chosen to focus on three strategic themes to maximize the impact of our efforts.
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Sustainable Workplace

Fostering a sustainable workplace focuses on the physical, structural and cultural working environment that we provide for our employees.
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