ESG in the investment processes

Across strategies and asset classes our investment teams integrate ESG data as factors alongside financial factors into the investment process. Based on a wide set of ESG data, our ESG materiality framework, and our internal and external expertise, investment teams are able to understand more about the quality of their investments and portfolio companies; their business models, positions and how ESG issues are managed. This helps us manage both investment risks and unlock opportunities.

By having ESG inside our investment processes, we can make better-informed investment decisions that supports our mission to achieve the best possible risk-adjusted returns for customers. We call it 'ESG Inside' and we are continuously strengthened our ability to bring ESG inside our processes, advisory and products.

By factoring in all material ESG and financial matters that impact company strategy and outlook, I get a clear view on whether a company is managed effectively and likely to generate long-term returns. It is an integral part of my investment philosophy and an important tool to create value to customers.

Cecilie Hoffmeyer

Senior Portfolio Manager

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