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Responsible investments

At Danske Bank, we want to protect our customers’ interests and create attractive returns while also being aware of the impact our investments have on society. We offer individual funds and total portfolios of shares and bonds that enable our customers to invest responsibly.

Funds and portfolios

At Danske Invest, you can see which of the fund types that we offer work with sustainability aspects. We offer funds with sustainable investment objectives (Article 9 funds), funds that promote ESG characteristics, and a range of other funds that take sustainability risks into consideration.
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How we work with responsible investments

The foundation for responsible investments in Danske Bank

We aim to protect the value of investments and generate attractive returns

We aim to analyse and assess the impacts that investments have on environment and other societal dimensions

Our portfolio managers about our work

We have a clear ambition to find companies that have the will and that are in the process of improving in terms of sustainability.

Andreas Dankel

Chief Portfolio Manager

We engage in dialogue with companies to gain a better understanding of their business and to be able to influence them and help them to develop in the right direction.

Olga Karakozova

Senior Portfolio Manager

The tools we use 

Analysing, identifying and mitigating the sustainability risks that may adversely affect investment value is an integral part of our investment processes, and this has been a key area of focus for us for many years. Our investment teams analyse sustainability factors, use active ownership and apply screening to manage sustainability risks – all of which also helps us to identify attractive investment opportunities.

  • We screen the investment universe in order to identify and mitigate sustainability risks.

  • We analyse sustainability factors to manage and mitigate risks and make the best possible investment decisions for the benefit of our customers.

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  • We engage in dialogue with companies and vote at general meetings to influence their behaviour, support sustainable development and manage sustainability risks.

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Targets and status for asset management

Targets link to sustainable Development Goal #13: Climate action

Volume target

  • 2030 target: DKK 150 billion investments in funds with sustainable investment objective. 
  • 2022 status: DKK 52 billion since 2021.

Net-zero commitments

We joined the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative in March 2021 and set interim targets in November 2021.

Carbon emission reduction targets

  • 2030 target: We want to reduce the weighted average carbon intensity of our investment products by at least 50% against a 2020 baseline.
  • 2030 target: Reduction of the implied temperature rating of our investment products from 2.7°C in 2020 to 2.1°C (scope 1 and scope 2) and reduction of the implied temperature rating of our investment products from 2.9°C in 2020 to 2.2°C (scope 1, 2 and 3)*
  • 2025 target: Engagement with the 100 largest emitters

* Find more information about scope 1, 2 and 3 in our climate plan.

Sustainability Related Disclosures

Our responsible investment approach in Danske Bank is underpinned by clear policies, instructions, guidelines and reporting. Find relevant documentation on our approach and the frameworks supporting our works and access sustainability-related disclosures originating from regulation, such as how we manage the principle adverse impacts that our investments might have on sustainability factors and product specific information.