Responsible investments

Responsible investments are a cornerstone of our ability to protect our customers’ investments and to generate attractive returns. We also leverage responsible investments to pave the way for change and contributing positively to society.

Our foundation for responsible investments

Our work with responsible investments is based on five principles that cover all customer investments. These principles support our ambition to create attractive returns, create value for customers and contribute to positive and sustainable development. You can read more about our integration of sustainability risk in our Responsible Investment Policy

We incorporate sustainability risks in investment analyses and investment decisions.

We are active owners who seek to support and influence companies to progress in a positive direction.

We include sustainability risks when selecting investment products to be used when we provide financial advice to our customers.

We are transparent about our work with responsible investments.

We promote the development of responsible investments across our industry.

Our detailed analysis steers us towards those companies that are best positioned to address the global climate challenges and which we expect will benefit from an economic growth that other companies won’t experience.

Martin Slipsager Frandsen

Senior Portfolio Manager

We have a clear ambition to find companies that have the will and that are in the process of improving in terms of sustainability.

Andreas Dankel

Chief Portfolio Manager

Contributing to positive change

We use position as an investor to influence and encourage companies to progress in a more sustainable direction and to support their long-term development and growth. Our investment teams engage in direct dialogue with companies, vote at general meetings, and collaborate with other investors to make a real difference and influence the behaviour of the companies we invest in. Our ambition is to support companies to manage and improve their work with business-critical sustainability aspects. 

For Danske Bank, this entails being a responsible investor that contributes with solutions and helps to create change. We believe that this is the most effective way to not only to create sustainable companies but also to create value for our customers and to make a difference to society.

We engage in dialogue with companies to gain a better understanding of their business and to be able to influence them and help them to develop in the right direction.

Olga Karakozova

Senior Portfolio Manager

Sustainability risks included in investment decisions

Analysing, identifying and mitigating the sustainability risks that may adversely affect investment value is an integral part of our investment processes, and this has been a key area of focus for us for a number of years. Our investment teams analyse sustainability factors, use active ownership and apply screening and restrictions to manage sustainability risks – all of which also helps us to identify attractive investment opportunities.

Analysing sustainability

We analyse sustainability factors to manage and mitigate risks and make the best possible investment decisions for the benefit of our customers. Read more
Active ownership

We engage in dialogue with companies and vote at general meetings to influence their behaviour, support sustainable development and manage sustainability risks. Read more
Screening and restrictions

We screen the investment universe and exclude companies in order to identify and mitigate sustainability risks. Read more

Recognised by the UN

Seven areas of our responsible investment work have been given the highest or second-highest rating by the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.

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Most LuxFLAG funds in Europe

82 of our investment funds have received the accredited certificate of sustainability LuxFLAG ESG. Danske Bank ranks as one of the institutions in Europe with the highest number of LuxFLAG ESG-certified funds.

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We help customers to invest responsibly

When we provide financial advice, the individual wishes and needs of our customers are foremost in our considerations. In future, our ambition is to help our customers choose investment solutions that match their values and preferences in terms of sustainability and financial goals.

Read more about investment products within ESG and sustainability

Our strategy and work with responsible investments

At Danske Bank, openness and transparency in our work with responsible investments is of great importance to us. You can learn more about our strategy for responsible investments in our different policies. We also publish regular reports and publications in which you can read about our results, approaches and progress in the field of responsible investments.
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Principal Adverse Impact Statements

We consider the principal adverse impacts that investment decisions in our managed investment products or investment related products may have on sustainability factors. We address principal adverse impacts on sustainability factors according to their materiality and type, as well as the nature of our investment products and investment related products. Read more

We do not consider principal adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors when selecting investment products or investment related products that we provide advice on. Read more

Policies and reports

At Danske Bank, we focus on delivering high-quality communication and reporting about our work with responsible investments.
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Active ownership

We are committed to being an active owner and to helping companies to manage and improve sustainability performance and reduce sustainability risks.
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Screening and restrictions

At Danske Bank, screening and investment restrictions are applied to all our investment solutions.
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