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Focus on transparency about responsible investments

At Danske Bank, we focus on delivering high-quality communication and reporting about our work with responsible investments. Our goal is to provide reporting that meets the needs of our different customers and other stakeholders so they can find relevant information and follow our work in the area of responsible investment. It is our ambition to improve reporting and transparency so that we can continue to meet the ever-increasing demands and the growing need for greater transparency in this area.

Voting at general meetings

We publish details of how we vote on proposals put forward at general meetings of the businesses in which we invest. Our voting platform is updated on an ongoing basis. View voting platform

Rating of risk and opportunities

We use ESG data from several data providers to assess and identify sustainability risks. Sustainalytics and MSCI are two of the ESG data providers we use. For ESG investment products, we publish the Sustainalytics assessment detailing the extent to which the product’s portfolio companies handle material ESG risks that may affect their business. For the same products, the MSCI assessment of the extent to which the portfolio companies in the product handle ESG risks and are able to exploit commercial opportunities within the sustainability agenda is also shown. Find the reports
Investment restrictions

For each of our investment products, we show the individual product’s restrictions criteria for investing in specific sectors, activities and products. All products follow the investment restrictions in our Responsible Investment Policy . In addition, we offer products that carry additional restrictions for specific sectors, activities or products, such as alcohol, gambling, pornography, fossil fuels and military equipment. View the reports

Policies, instructions and SOPs

  • 22. sep 2022Danske Bank - Active Ownership Instruction 2022
  • 22. jun 2022Our Responsible Investment Journey 2022
  • 04. apr 2022Net Zero Asset Manager Initiative - Interim Target Disclosure
  • 17. jun 2022Climate Restrictions Exemptions
  • 31. mar 2022Enhanced Sustainability Standards
  • 19. mar 2021Danske Bank - Responsible Investment Instruction 2021
  • 17. mar 2022Responsible Investment Policy
  • 11. maj 2022Voting Guidelines 2022
  • 01. jun 2022Danske Bank Investment Restrictions
  • 24. sep 2020ESG Data Platform
  • 03. feb 2022Remuneration Policy 2022
  • 06. jul 2022Principal Adverse Impact Statement Financial Market Participant
  • 05. mar 2021Principal Adverse Impact Statement Financial Advisor


  • 11. feb 2022Active Ownership Report 2021
  • 13. aug 2021Active Ownership Report H1 2021
  • 26. maj 2021Our Responsible Investment Journey 2021
  • 23. jun 2020Our Sustainable Investment Journey 2020 English version
  • 29. jan 2021Active Ownership Report 2020
  • 28. aug 2020Active Ownership Report H1 2020
  • 24. mar 2020Active Ownership Stories 2020
  • 28. jan 2021Climate - Our Investment Approach

UN-PRI reports

We have been a member of the UN PRI since 2010, and we have signed up to the organisation’s six principles for responsible investments, which form the foundation of our work in the field of responsible investment. We report annually to the UN PRI on our processes and our progress in implementing the six principles into our responsible investment work.

See our UN PRI assessment reports


  • 08. nov 2021Destination 1.5C Engagement and stewardship on the road to net zero
  • 19. jun 2020Identifying investment value in ESG data
  • 14. maj 2020In search of quality ESG data - An investment view on corporate sustainability disclosures