A strong Nordic bank

Danske Bank is a Nordic universal bank with strong local roots and bridges to the world. For more than 145 years,  we have helped people and businesses in the Nordics realize their ambitions. Today, we serve personal, business and institutional customers and in addition to banking services, we offer life insurance and pension, mortgage credit, wealth management, real estate and leasing services.

When we share ambitions, we all grow stronger

Danske Bank in numbers

Present in 16 countries

19,000 employees

2.7 million personal customers

238,000 small and medium-sized business customers

1,700 corporate & institutional customers

We are driven by our customers' ambitions

One of the best things in my life is to leave work in downtown Oslo and a little more than two hours later be able to enjoy the peacefulness in the forest and mountains at the farm with my family. On the long term, I want our kids to be able to run our family farm without needing to have high-paying jobs to cover running costs.

Jens Naas Bibow

Partner Lawyer at Thommesen, one of Norway’s major law firms. The family commutes between Oslo and the family farm in Stor-Elvdal, 200 km north of Oslo

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Our core markets


In Denmark, Danske Bank’s roots go back to 1871, when Den Danske Landmandsbank was founded, and through the years, the bank has grown through mergers with many local and regional banks. One of the most important mergers took place in 1990, when Den Danske Landmandsbank merged with two other major Danish banks, making Danske Bank the largest bank in Denmark.

We have a strong position on the Danish market and because of our significant size in Denmark, we strive to play an important role in the Danish society offering our expertise gained through more than 145 years to not only create value for our customers, but also to participate in creating growth for the society in general. 

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We are the third largest bank in Finland with a good foundation for future growth. Our ambition is to develop this strong position by continuously offering solutions and tools that make daily banking and important financial decisions easy. 

From the onset, we have played a vital role in modernising banking in Finland. Banking became significantly easier with the introduction of the first modern payment system, the postal giro, and our Finnish banking customers were the first in the world to do their banking on mobile phones. 

Our history in Finland began in 1887, when the government opened a bank operating out of local postal offices. The government owned the bank for more than 100 years, developing it from receiving deposits to financing Finland’s growing industry and the construction of private housing. In 2006, this bank became part of Danske Bank.

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In Norway, we are the third-largest bank and see ourselves in a challenger position with an ambition to grow. From 28 branches and four regional finance centres across Norway, we serve personal and business customers as well as large corporations. On the Norwegian market, we draw on the advantage of being a strong and large bank equipped to cater for a wide range of customers, while at the same time being able to respond quickly to customer needs by developing innovative and value-creating products and solutions. 

We can trace our Norwegian origins back to 1859, when the first Norwegian business bank was founded in Trondheim. Since then, it has grown through mergers between local and regional banks, but our Norwegian headquarters remains in Trondheim. In 1999, the bank merged with Danske Bank.

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Danske Bank is the fifth-largest bank in Sweden, and we have a strong ambition to strengthen our position. By utilizing our technological and digital advantages and drawing on both local and Nordic expertise, we aim to create value for our Swedish customers. 

Our Swedish history began in 1837, when a financing need in the building industry in South-Western Sweden led to the foundation of Öst-Götha Bank. Later, the bank obtained a strong position among local and regional farmers following a boom in the Swedish agricultural industry.

Danske Bank in Sweden is the result of a number of mergers and acquisitions that culminated in 1997 with the merger of 17 regional Swedish banks. With the merger, Danske Bank became the first foreign bank to have a wide branch network in Sweden. Today, we have some 50 branches and six financial centres across Sweden.

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Our business areas

  • Personal Banking

    Everyone is busy these days. People need a bank that knows them and their needs and that is there for them 24/7. At Danske Bank Personal Banking, we work constantly to make daily banking and important financial decisions easy and to give our customers the best experience every time they are in touch with us.

    Customised advice and innovative solutions
    We offer personal advice that addresses our customers’ individual needs as well as a broad range of innovative solutions in day-to-day banking, home financing, retirement planning and other aspects of personal finance.

    We’re open 24/7
    We’re ready to help our customers around the clock – on the phone, by e-mail or chat, or on our websites – as well as at our branch offices during business hours. With our intuitive mobile and tablet eBanking solutions, customers can do most of their banking business whenever it suits them.

  • Business Banking

    We help businesses achieve their goals
    No matter what situation a business is in, we have usually seen something similar before. We use our experience to give business customers value-creating advice and targeted solutions throughout the Nordic region, regardless of whether they are sole proprietors or multinational groups.

    We always base our recommendations on the individual business’s situation and size. There are times in the life cycle of a business when specialised advice is needed, for instance during international expansion, acquisitions and a change of ownership.

    Such situations are strategically important, and we have solutions that enable businesses to benefit from our experience in a variety of situations.

    Easy daily operations and new opportunities
    Our business customers get access to the most innovative digital solutions on the market, solutions that make their daily operations easier and give them new opportunities. They are easy to use, flexible and secure.

  • Corporates & Institutions

    Corporates & Institutions serves the most complex financing and transaction needs of large corporate and institutional clients and helps them prosper and grow.

    We offer expertise in funding, risk management, investment services, corporate finance advisory, and comprehensive, award-winning transaction banking solutions.

    With our extensive network and years of expertise, we connect issuers and investors to create financing and investment opportunities. Our aim is to be an inspiring partner by understanding our customers’ strategic agendas and developing tailor-made solutions that meet their needs.

    Geographical reach
    Our four core markets are Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Our offices in 11 other countries offer gateways to the rest of world for Nordic companies and points of entry to our region for international businesses.

  • Wealth Management

    Wealth Management offers a broad range of products and services within pension savings and wealth & asset management. We serve private individuals, companies and institutional investors in markets where Danske Bank is operating. The Wealth Management organisation consist of Danske Private Equity, Danica Pension, Danske Capital, Danske Invest and Private Banking.

    Holistic approach
    Focusing on the customer’s unique situation and long-term goals, our ambition is to be the investor’s and pension saver’s preferred partner. Our management and advisory services take a holistic approach that enables our customers to make the right financial decisions – regardless of scale and complexity. For us the goal is not pension savings or wealth & asset management, but to use our expertise to help our customers reach their goals.

Making banking easier for over 145 years

Innovation has always been at the core of our business. Throughout history, we have been engaged in turning the latest technology into new and efficient tools and solutions to support our customers in their financial needs. Our ambition has been – and it still is - to make daily banking and important financial decisions easy for our customers.


First safe deposit boxes in Europe

The Bank opens the first facility in Europe where retail customers can rent safe deposit boxes.



The first bank in Denmark to launch a mobile payment solution.

Meet our executives

We have a two-tier management structure consisting of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board. The senior management group is made up of people with international backgrounds and solid leadership experience, and they are driven by running a sound and competitive bank that creates long-tern value for all its stakeholders.

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Our global footprint

Danske Bank is the largest bank in Denmark, where we serve both personal and business customers and large institutional clients. Our Danish headquarters have been located on the same premises in the capital Copenhagen, since the establishment of the bank in 1871.
Danske Bank is the third-largest bank in Finland, where we serve both personal and business customers and large institutional clients. It is one of our core markets and our Finnish headquarters are located in Helsinki.
Danske Bank is the third-largest bank in Norway, where we serve both personal and business customers and large institutional clients. It is one of our core markets and our Norwegian headquarters are located in Oslo.
Danske Bank is the fifth-largest bank in Sweden, where we serve both personal and business customers and large institutional clients. It is one of our core markets and our Swedish headquarters are located in Stockholm.
In Estonia, we serve corporate and private banking customers from the Baltic and Nordic countries. Our Estonian headquarters are located in Tallinn.
In Lithuania, we serve corporate and private banking customers from the Baltic and Nordic countries. In our Lithuanian headquarters in Vilnius, we also have a large operations and IT development centre, enabling us to offer innovative solutions by tapping into the global talent of IT experts.
In Latvia, our one branch in the capital Riga serves corporate and private banking customers from the Baltic and Nordic countries.
We serve Nordic customers and subsidiaries of Nordic companies doing business in Russia from our offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
We serve Nordic customers and subsidiaries of Nordic companies doing business in Poland from our office in Warsaw.
From our office in Hamburg, we serve Nordic business customers with activities and subsidiaries in Germany as well as German and international organisations with activities in the Nordics.
In Beijing, we have a representative office serving Nordic business customers already present or seeking to establish themselves in China. We help both large corporations as well as small and medium sized businesses by providing contacts to local businesses, facilitating access to Chinese banks and generally offering insights about the Chinese market.
We offer international private banking solutions, wealth planning, asset and liability management to expatriates living in countries outside the Nordics.
United Kingdom
From our London office, we serve Nordic business customers on the British market as well as large British businesses with activities in the Nordics. We also offer international private banking solutions, wealth planning and investments to expatriates living in Great Britain.
Northern Ireland
In Northern Ireland, Danske Bank is one of the leading financial institutions. We serve personal and business customers and large institutional clients through 46 branches and four regional finance centres.
On the Irish market, we concentrate on serving the largest business and institutional clients. We use our international network to help both local and international organisations from our Irish headquarters in Dublin.
United States
From our office in New York, we provide American institutional investors with access to investing in securities traded on the Nordic and European exchanges and markets.
At our development centre in Bangalore, more than 800 IT professionals work to solve complex technological challenges related to the innovative solutions that we offer our customers.

General meeting

Danske Bank's annual general meeting took place on 16 March 2017.
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Corporate Governance

We continuously work with improving corporate governance and implementing best practices within this area.
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We want to run a strong, sustainable business that creates value for all our stakeholders.
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