Customers & services 

We want to help our customers be financially confident and achieve their ambitions by making daily banking and important financial decisions easy. 

We serve them through four business areas: Personal Banking, Business Banking, Corporates & Institutions and Wealth management.

In addition to banking services, we offer life insurance and pension, mortgage credit, wealth management, real estate and leasing services and products.

Our customers in numbers

2.7 million personal customers

236,000 small and medium-sized business customers

1,800 corporate & institutional customers

DKK 1,420 billion assets under management

Meet some of our customers

Our customers are very different: Families and singles, local start-ups and large, multinational companies - and everything in between. We want to help them all become financially confident and fulfil their ambitions. Our ambition is to be the facilitator of their dreams, ideas and growth.

Owning things is not that important to us, we would rather spend our money on experiences. We enjoy longboarding and snowboarding, and we travel a great deal. Usually, we go backpacking - we don’t want to stay in the same place or at a hotel. Last winter, we went diving and surfing in Indonesia. The underwater world was unforgettable!

Robert Nuorteva, 27 & Tiia Kukkonen, 23

They are both students, and Roberts is also the co-founder of Arctos, an online start-up offering outdoor experiences. They live in Helsinki, Finland.

Our ambition is to become the technological frontrunner in Norway and in that way be able to create global growth for our business. We want to utilize the technology acquired in the oil industry over the last 50 years, and contribute to developing new industries in Norway. It is a hairy ambition, but there are many bright heads in Norway and our job is to gather those so that we are able to deliver.

Per Olaf Stampe, Group Vice President,  Finance & Treasurer

Kongsberg Gruppen is an international company that supplies high-technology systems and solutions the oil and gas industry, the merchant marine, as well as the defense and aerospace industries. It has 7,700 employees in 25 countries.

Our ambition is to continue running the business in the spirit of our grandfather and to create growth and new jobs. We are well on our way, but we have had to work hard to achieve it. A generational handover needs to be planned ahead of time and with professional advisors.

Mette Frantsen and Morten Frantsen, owners of SØBY

Søby is a medium-sized business producing transport systems for the agricultural industry. Mette and Morten are the third generation running Søby with their father Frants still participating in the day-to-day operations.   

Our business areas

  • Personal Banking

    Everyone is busy these days. People need a bank that knows them and their needs and that is there for them 24/7. At Danske Bank Personal Banking, we work constantly to make daily banking and important financial decisions easy and to give our customers the best experience every time they are in touch with us.

    Customised advice and innovative solutions
    We offer personal advice that addresses our customers’ individual needs as well as a broad range of innovative solutions in day-to-day banking, home financing, retirement planning and other aspects of personal finance.

    We’re open 24/7
    We’re ready to help our customers around the clock – on the phone, by e-mail or chat, or on our websites – as well as at our branch offices during business hours. With our intuitive mobile and tablet eBanking solutions, customers can do most of their banking business whenever it suits them.

  • Business Banking

    We help businesses achieve their goals
    No matter what situation a business is in, we have usually seen something similar before. We use our experience to give business customers value-creating advice and targeted solutions throughout the Nordic region, regardless of whether they are sole proprietors or multinational groups.

    We always base our recommendations on the individual business’s situation and size. There are times in the life cycle of a business when specialised advice is needed, for instance during international expansion, acquisitions and a change of ownership.

    Such situations are strategically important, and we have solutions that enable businesses to benefit from our experience in a variety of situations.

    Easy daily operations and new opportunities
    Our business customers get access to the most innovative digital solutions on the market, solutions that make their daily operations easier and give them new opportunities. They are easy to use, flexible and secure.

  • Corporates & Institutions

    Corporates & Institutions serves the most complex financing and transaction needs of large corporate and institutional clients and helps them prosper and grow.

    We offer expertise in funding, risk management, investment services, corporate finance advisory, and comprehensive, award-winning transaction banking solutions.

    With our extensive network and years of expertise, we connect issuers and investors to create financing and investment opportunities. Our aim is to be an inspiring partner by understanding our customers’ strategic agendas and developing tailor-made solutions that meet their needs.

    Geographical reach
    Our four core markets are Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Our offices in 11 other countries offer gateways to the rest of world for Nordic companies and points of entry to our region for international businesses.

  • Wealth Management

    Wealth Management offers a broad range of products and services within pension savings and wealth & asset management. We serve private individuals, companies and institutional investors in markets where Danske Bank is operating. The Wealth Management organisation consist of Danske Private Equity, Danica Pension, Danske Capital, Danske Invest and Private Banking.

    Holistic approach
    Focusing on the customer’s unique situation and long-term goals, our ambition is to be the investor’s and pension saver’s preferred partner. Our management and advisory services take a holistic approach that enables our customers to make the right financial decisions – regardless of scale and complexity. For us the goal is not pension savings or wealth & asset management, but to use our expertise to help our customers reach their goals.

Customer relationships

Advising, lending and investing are fundamental banking activities. It is important that all our customers can rely on our integrity and that our relationships are built on trust.
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Our essence

Our Essence is the foundation on which we build our business. It consists of our vision, strategic core, customer promise and core values.
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About Danske Bank

We are a Nordic bank with strong local roots and bridges to the rest of the world. Our 19,000 employees serve customers in 16 countries.
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