Creating long-term value for all our stakeholders

We contribute to economic growth and financial stability by running a sound, responsible business. It is our responsibility to build financial confidence in the next generation and to develop innovative products that are accessible, easy to use and secure.  

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Fuelling growth for startups

The Hub enables ambitious entrepreneurs to scale their businesses by connecting startups with job candidates and investors. 

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Increasing access to donations

Some 300 charitable organisations in Denmark, Norway and Finland increased their fundraising opportunities by using the MobilePay money transfer app in 2016.

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Moneyville is a game that teaches children how to earn and save money and prioritise their spending.

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children learn about the value of money since 2008.

How we contribute to financial stability and economic growth

DKK 1,689

billion loans issued for banking customers in 2016

DKK 1,420

billion assets under management in 2016

DKK 5.5

billion paid in tax on the profit in the 15 countries where we operate in 2016


ambitious entrepreneurs found skilled employees through our start-up portal The Hub in 2016


million transactions were made with MobilePay in 2016

Corporate Responsibility at Danske Bank

In our new report, we describe our approach to corporate responsibility, our performance, and our progress in 2016. 

“At Danske Bank, we are a mirror of our customers and the societies we are part of. When they do well, so do we. We have always recognised that our position in society carries a responsibility, and it is important to me that we conduct our business in a way that is sustainable and that creates greater opportunities for current and future generations.”


 - Thomas F. Borgen, CEO

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The best possible advice

Many customers rely on us when they invest in their savings and pensions or when they buy a home. It is fundamental to our relationship that they can depend on our integrity and that the advice they receive is customised and in their best interest. For example, in Denmark, we removed sales incentives for personal advisors, who are now measured against one key criteria only: customer satisfaction. 

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Investing responsibly

When we invest on behalf of our customers, we strive to achieve the best risk-adjusted return over the long-term in a responsible manner. This means we invest in accordance with international human rights, climate and anti-corruption principles and encourage the companies we invest in to manage environmental, social and governance risks as well as possible. 

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New sustainability fund

Danske Bank recently launched the European Corporate Sustainable Bond Fund, which enables customers to invest in companies that work for sustainable development. 

Responsible lending

When granting loans, we enter a long-term commitment with customers. We ensure they understand associated risks and obligations, and that we gain deep insights into customer situations and business activities. For business customers, we not only assess the customer’s needs and repayment ability, but also consider the purpose for which the funds will be used and assess possible environmental, social and governance [ESG] risks.
  • 04. apr 2016Danske Bank Position Statement Mining and metals
  • 04. apr 2016Danske Bank Position Statement Fossil Fuels
  • 04. apr 2016Danske Bank Position Statement Foresty
  • 04. apr 2016Danske Bank Position Statement Arms and defence

Responsible sourcing

Responsible sourcing is an important part of our procurement process when we tender new contracts. In 2016, we revised our approach to ensure that suppliers comply with our responsibility standards and implemented a Supplier Code of Conduct. 

We base our responsible sourcing process on dialogue and try to avoid burdening suppliers with unnecessary questions and time-consuming processes. Our risk assessment process consists of three steps: a pre-qualification, a self-assessment questionnaire and a corrective action plan if needed. Many suppliers only need to go through the first step. 

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Our approach

At Danske Bank, we integrate responsibility in our core business, work with partners and stakeholders, and report on our progress regularly.
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Environmental impact

We support the transition to a low-carbon economy through our operations, and indirectly through cooperation with customers, portfolio companies and business partners.
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Responsible Employer

The skills, expertise and dedication of our employees are our greatest assets. We strive to create an engaging workplace that gives due consideration to diversity, health and safety.
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Please contact us if you have questions or comments about our corporate responsibility work. Send a message to the CR department at
Or contact the CR staff directly:
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    Head of Corporate Responsibility

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  • Thomas H. Kjærgaard

    Head of Responsible Investment

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  • Andreas Brügmann Rasmussen

    Communication Consultant

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