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Invoice requirements

To allow us to pay our bills on time, invoices must contain a number of details so that they can go directly through the invoice process.
Our invoice payment terms include a credit period of at least 30 days from the receipt of the individual invoice at our accounting unit.

Send your invoices to our accounting unit
All invoices must be sent to our accounting unit and not via the person who has ordered the products or services.
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Use one of online invoicing solutions

If you want your invoices to be handled more efficiently, send these electronically using one of the solutions offered by Danske Bank.
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Invoice text in English

Our colleagues in Lithuania process all supplier invoices issued to Danske Bank in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Germany, Northern Ireland and Ireland as well as Realkredit Danmark, so make sure to issue your invoices in English.

Remember to describe the item or good. For example specify the item as a coin sorter, printer, laminating machine etc. It is not enough to state the model number (E.g DP12568)

Requirements of PO and   Non-PO Invoice

  • Invoices with a purchase order ID must contain the following details:

    • Creditor ID: Supplier's CVR No.
    • Purchase order ID
    • Product code: External and internal product code as stated in the purchase order
    • The following details must be included for a product item: Quantity delivered, units (must correspond to units in the purchase order), unit price and total amount exclusive of VAT.

    The following general requirements also apply:

    • The purchase order ID must be stated in the invoice (see the guidelines).
    • The details stated in the purchase order must correspond exactly to the details provided in the invoice/credit note.
    • Crediting: the full purchase order amount is credited and a new invoice is issued.
    • Product items should appear in the same order in the invoice as in the purchase order.
    • Fees must be submitted as a product item with a separate product code: 01000 for freight and handling charges including VAT, and 01001 for postage and handling charges with no VAT
    • A purchase order invoice must contain Danske Bank's delivery address (Registration number, Danske Bank unit, name, address, postal code and town). The supplier receives this information in the purchase order.
    • Credit notes must contain the original order number and a reference to the invoice credited. All invoice/credit note amounts must be stated without +/–.
    • Credit notes should not contain invoicing of additional costs. Fees and the like must be invoiced in a separate invoice containing reference to the purchase order number of the credit note.
    • Discounts must be deducted from the unit price in the product item (must not be stated separately).
    See our Invoice addresses



  • Invoices without a purchase order ID must contain the following details:

    • the complete address of the accounting unit
    • registration or location number to be debited
    • name of the Danske Bank contact
    • Danske Bank's order, project, contract or file number
    • document number, date
    • a descriptive invoice text
    • payment terms (the standard credit period is 30 days from the receipt of the individual invoice at our accounting unit)
    • VAT numbers* (Danske Bank and your company)
    • VAT basis
    • VAT calculated
    • your company's bank account number
    • your IBAN and SWIFT address (if your company is domiciled outside Denmark)
    * Danske Bank Russia has a Tax Identification Number (TIN) only, and Danske Bank in New York does not have a VAT number.

    Specifically for Nordania Leasing

    • agreement number
    • type-a order number
    • motor and chassis type identification number

    See our invoice addresses