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Sourcing processes

We base our sourcing processes on professional sourcing models. Our central purchasing unit enters into relevant master agreements to help the Group’s units do their day-to-day purchases in our procurement and invoicing platform.


Access sourcing activities in Ivalua

During the sourcing process, all information exchange between Danske Bank and possible suppliers happens in Danske Bank’s sourcing and contract platform Ivalua. As a supplier, you will be able to access different sourcing activities, evaluations and negotiations via RFx.
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Sourcing model

When we invite tenders for large contracts or conclude large purchasing agreements, we use a sourcing model to get the best possible overview of the market and its suppliers and products. This helps us make the right decisions.

The agreement is key

It is important that the supplier complies with the agreement in force. In general, we use the Group’s agreement template.
Please note that all contracts below 10 mDKK can be signed digitally. Detailed instruction how to do this can be downloaded here

Good dialogue

We base our business relationship with suppliers on a desire to obtain the best possible result for both parties. A good dialogue is therefore the most important element in the process of obtaining the optimal business relationship.


Once we have established a business relationship, we will consider how purchases and supplies should be handled. This will depend on the nature of the products or services involved. Most products and services are managed through the Group’s in-house webshop, while others are handled directly between the supplier and the buyer.

Day-to-day sourcing process

Step 1:

Buyer places order in web shop
Step 2:

Central purchasing unit processes the order
Step 3:

Supplier delivers product(s)/ services as ordered
Step 4:

Supplier sends invoice to central accounting unit
Step 5:

Central accounting unit settles invoice payment

Day-to-day procurement

The Group’s branches, departments and business units order their supplies from our own in-house webshop. The shop’s product range features a selection of products and services from suppliers that have concluded agreements with us. Orders are submitted directly to the individual supplier, and the supplier delivers directly to the person or unit that has placed the order.