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10 questions about the global economy in 2019

"2018 was a historical year for equities where strong earnings did not result in good performance. Equities fell even though global earnings rose 15%. This size of divergence between earnings and performance is very rare and only happens when investors fear recession is looming. Therefore recession or not in 2019 is the main question for equity investors", says Bjarne Breinholt, Senior Equity Strategist from International Macro & Emerging Markets in Danske Bank.

See the 9 other questions and read both the short answers and the detailed ones by downloading the research paper.  
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Recruitment for our 2019 Graduate programme has begun

This year, we expect to be hiring nearly twice as many graduates as in 2018.

Half the number of the coming graduates will embark on their careers at Danske Bank in Denmark, while the other half will embark on our Graduate programme in Finland, Norway, Sweden or Lithuania. Common to all graduates is that they will rotate between different countries.

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Investigations of Danske Bank's branch in Estonia

In September 2017, Danske Bank launched thorough investigations into its branch in Estonia on the basis of suspicions that the branch was used to launder many billion kroner in the period from 2007 to 2015. On this site, you can read facts about the investigations, watch a webcast of the press conference, download the report and get a timeline of events.

Nordic Outlook - January 2019: Global risks and local strengths

The global economy is still strong in the sense that it is growing above its long-run potential, but it seems we are facing a period of declining growth, as the period of simultaneous recovery and low inflation and low interest rates is ending. The risk of a sharper global slowdown is also increasing. That is reflected in the outlook for the Nordic countries, which are highly dependent on external factors, but which are also in very different positions.

Find more economic and financial trends in the latest quarterly Nordic Outlook.

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Household wealth keeps on growing 

New figures from Statistics Denmark show that household wealth is continuing to grow, with many choosing to keep hold of their money rather than step up their spending. The debt and wealth data for 2017 published recently by Statistics Denmark show that savings exceed debt by a wide margin. The wealth of an average Danish household exceeded debt by DKK1.975m in 2017, up almost DKK77,000 on the year before.

Louise Aggerstrøm 

Private Economist, Danske Bank 

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What can the Danes expect in 2019?

2018 has been another good year for the Danish economy with jobs growth, rising house prices and general income gains. And the positive development looks set to continue into 2019.

For example, we expect more than 35,000 new jobs to be created next year. True, this is slightly less than this year but it is still a solid improvement testifying to the good health of the Danish economy, says our private Economist Louise Aggerstrøm Hansen. 
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New version of June launched

After about a year and a half on the market, we adjust the ‘investment engine’ on Danske Bank's digital investment solution, June. The result is cheaper prices and the opportunity to invest in screened funds. However, the mission does not change; to make the Danes invest more.

Millions of fraudulent emails intercepted before reaching customers

Since the spring of 2017, Danske Bank has managed to block more than 3 million fraudulent e-mails to customers and employees thanks to simple and efficient technology.

“This is a huge step forwards as both customers and employees of the bank now receive way fewer fraudulent e-mails. It means that we have effectively reduced the risk of fraud in connection with fraudulent e-mails,” says Poul Otto Schousboe, Head of IT Security at Danske Bank.
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Danske Bank increases investment in Spiir

Danske Bank is investing DKK 10 million in Danish FinTech company Spiir, bringing the total amount invested in this internationally ambitious company to DKK 35 million.   

Spiir has developed the Nordic API Gateway. By collecting data from all Nordic banks in one place, this platform offers new possibilities for developing solutions and services for customers. Investing in the platform is an investment in the future.
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Google Pay launched 

Our Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish customers with an Android phone are now able to add their Mastercard to Google Pay and make contactless payments.

Mastercard is the card that the majority of our customers are using across our 4 markets and 44 % of the Danes have an Android phone.
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Financial calendar 

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Our Essence

Our Essence is the foundation on which we build our business. It consists of our vision, strategic core, customer promise and core values.
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Societal Impact

We want to play an active role and make a positive impact in society by driving sustainable progress and using our expertise to make a positive difference.
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The Danish FSA

The latest statements, decisions and supervisory reactions from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.
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