Majority indicate Danske Bank is good at creating an inclusive workplace

A new internal culture and employee survey at Danske Bank shows that a large majority of the Bank’s employees feel included and treated fairly.
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Nordic economies trending higher

Consumption across the Nordic countries is rapidly normalising and goods exports appear robust, while labour shortages, soaring house prices and the risk of higher inflation are probably transitory phenomena for Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, estimate Danske Bank’s economists in their latest Nordic Outlook report, which has just been published.
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Remote working: Morten now saves three hours of transport every single day

Prior to the corona crisis, Morten Reuber Nielsen spend three hours a day commuting between his home on Møn and his work at Danske Bank. Today he spends zero time commuting – and that is how he intends to continue. Remote working has made a fundamental difference for Morten, who now feels he is healthier, more motivated and a better father to his three children.
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Danske Bank first choice for Nordic IPOs

Danske Bank has helped raise more share capital than any other bank in the Nordic region in 2021 – according to a market survey quoted by Danish business daily Børsen that shows Danske Bank has raised more than DKK30bn so far this year.
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COVID-19 has led to rising house prices throughout the Nordic region

New research from Danske Bank shows that house prices have risen across the Nordic region despite the pandemic and economic uncertainty.
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Danske Bank helping the EU emerge stronger from the pandemic

As the only Nordic bank, Danske Bank has helped the EU raise EUR 20 billion for its NextGenerationEU fund, writes Danish business daily Børsen. The fund aims to support coming generations and make Europe greener, more digital and more resilient to new epidemics.
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Startups with international ambitions thriving despite COVID-19

Some feared the pandemic would put a stopper to promoting Danish businesses internationally. But what has actually happened? We surveyed some of the companies participating in the internationalisation programme Canute, which is run by Danske Bank and its partners.
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Global reopening requires a delicate balancing act from investors

We are in the midst of an economic cycle on steroids and the right strategy at the moment is a cautious approach to equity markets, in the view of our investment team.
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Danske mobile banking app on a smart phone

Danske Bank wins Best User Experience for Mobile Banking app

In recognition of Danske Bank’s efforts to constantly meet customers’ ever-changing needs, the Bank has just received an award for Best User Experience in the Customer Centricity World Series.
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Dangerous investments: Hanne cheated out of DKK 500,000

“I can’t believe how skilled they were – or that I allowed myself to be cheated!”

The equity released from 74-year-old Hanne’s home was supposed to pay for the little extras to sweeten her retirement and help poor women in Tunisia. Instead, the money ended up in the hands of expert fraudsters who enticed her with a quick, sizeable and sure profit from bitcoin.
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Financial calendar 

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Remediating legacy issues

In our efforts to become a better bank, we have systematically improved our compliance, risk and control capabilities and processes. As a result, a number of legacy issues have been identified. We are committed to rectifying them and ensuring that any customer who has suffered a loss due to our errors receives compensation.

Danske Bank's response to coronavirus

The spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) and its impact on society is a concern for Danske Bank as well as for our customers. We are applying appropriate measures to respond to any new developments. 

About Danske Bank

We are a Nordic bank with strong local roots and bridges to the world. We want to create long-term value for our customers, shareholders and the societies we are part of.
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We want to play an active role in society by driving sustainable progress and using our expertise to make a positive difference.
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At Danske Bank, our employees support and share ambitions of our customers and the communities we are a part of.
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The Danish FSA

The latest statements, decisions and supervisory reactions from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.  

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