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Annual report 2022

Customer activity remained good, and progress in core banking activities in a challenging operating environment

Further progress on the sustainability agenda with ambitious sustainable finance targets and clear commitment to green transition 

Net loss of DKK 5.1 billion and return on equity of -3.1% for the year

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Sustainability Report and climate action plan

In our Sustainability Report 2022 you can read more about the development within our six strategic focus areas.

In our new climate action plan the Group’s direct and indirect carbon emissions have been mapped. The figures highlight our impact on the green transition and the opportunities to work with customers to achieve significant reductions in carbon emissions. 

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Green loans finance projects that result in almost 6 TWh worth of renewable energy generation

Danske Bank and Realkredit Danmark have granted green loans to e.g. construction of wind power parks and biofuel refineries in 2021 resulting in almost 6 TWh of renewable energy generation. The total renewable energy production for Denmark in 2021 was approximately 53 TWh according to the Danish Energy Agency.
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New type of insurance to cover home loan payments

Tryg Forsikring has entered into a partnership with Danske Bank and Realkredit Danmark to introduce a new type of home loan insurance. 
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Danske Bank sells TheHub

After eight years as founder and owner of TheHub, Danske Bank is now selling the job platform to Norway’s MESH Community. A job portal specifically tailored to startups, TheHub has enjoyed great success since launching in 2015.
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Danske Bank to appoint new Chief Compliance Officer and member of the Executive Leadership Team

Danske Bank has appointed Dorthe Tolborg as new Chief Compliance Officer and member of the Executive Leadership Team.
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Inclusion: Danske Bank taps into the neurodivergent talent pool

Morten Larsen is one of the most requested IT developers in Danske Bank.

His employment is the result of a new partnership with Specialisterne, an organisation that helps neurodivergent people release their potential in companies worldwide.
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Financial calendar 

The Danish FSA

The latest statements, decisions and supervisory reactions from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.  

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