Corporate Governance

We work continually to improve corporate governance, and once a year we publish a report on our compliance with the recommendations on good corporate governance made by the Danish Committee on Corporate Governance and the Danish Bankers Association. 

Reports and documents

  • 01. feb 2019Corporate Governance Report 2018
  • 19. mar 2019Articles of association
  • 26. sep 2018Rules of Procedure-Executive Board
  • 26. sep 2018Rules of procedure-Board of Directors
  • 16. apr 2018Corporate Governance Structure
  • 01. feb 2019Risk Management 2018
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Danske Bank fosters a strong compliance culture in order to ensure its integrity and to maintain the trust of our customers and society at large. We do this through the effective management of compliance risks, which entails compliance responsibilities for all employees.
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Our policies put our core values into practice and together with the Essence of Danske Bank, they guide and govern how we conduct our business and engage with customers, colleagues and society in general. Our policies apply to all employees across Danske Bank.
  • 29. jul 2019AML CTF and Sanctions Policy
  • 28. jun 2019IR policy - May 2019
  • 21. jun 2019Stakeholder Policy
  • 06. jun 2019Societal Impact and Sustainability Policy
  • 09. maj 2019Remuneration Policy
  • 08. jan 2019Conflict of Interest Policy
  • 10. dec 2018IR policy - November 2018
  • 09. nov 2018Sustainable Investment Policy
  • 09. okt 2018Whistleblowing Policy
  • 09. okt 2018Compliance Policy
  • 06. dec 2017IR policy - November 2017
  • 30. nov 2017Diversity and Inclusion Policy
  • 26. apr 2017Tax Policy
  • 31. jan 2017External Publication of Information Management Policy


Our Remuneration Policy reflects the objectives of good corporate governance and sustained, long-term value creation for shareholders. In our remuneration report, we describe the principles for remuneration at Danske Bank and disclose variable, performance-based compensation for material risk takers. The full remuneration of the members of the Executive Leadership Team depends on Danske Bank's performance, while the Board of Directors' remuneration is fixed. 

  • 14. mar 2019Remuneration Report 2018
  • 09. maj 2019Remuneration Policy
  • 14. mar 2019Remuneration of management and material risk takers 2018 note 34
  • 18. mar 2019Guidelines for performance-based pay 2019

General meeting

Danske Bank's annual general meeting took place on 18 March 2019.
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Investigations into our Estonian branch

Investigations of Danske Bank’s branch in Estonia on the basis of suspicions of money laundering. Read facts about the investigations, download the report and get a timeline of events.
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Reporting and auditing

Read about the legal foundation for our reports as well as internal and external auditing at Danske Bank.
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