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Environmental requirements

In choosing its suppliers and products, Danske Bank Group actively demonstrates its concern for the environment. Since the environmental impact varies from one supplier to the next and from one product type to the next, the Group has divided its purchases into various product groups that are subject to specific environmental standards.

We are currently updating our environmental requirements and expect to be ready for launch in Q3 2022. Until the new updates are published, the existing requirements are considered relevant.

Environmental requirements for suppliers and selected products

Danske Bank Group’s environmental requirements for selected products.

  • 04. apr 2011Procedure for the replacement of energy installations
  • 04. apr 2011Procedure for the maintenance of energy installations
  • 01. jul 2015Environmental requirements: Cleaning
  • 17. dec 2012Environmental requirements: Carpets, ceilings, cables
  • 01. jul 2015Environmental requirements: Graphics and paper
  • 01. jul 2015Environmental requirements: Hardware
  • 01. sep 2017Environmental requirements for service: Conference in DK, SE, FI and NO
  • 01. jul 2015Environmental requirements: Merchandise
  • 01. jul 2017Environmental requirements: Office supplies
  • 01. jul 2015Environmental requirements: Paint
  • 26. nov 2021Environmental Requirements Furniture & Fitments