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Policies and Reports

Social responsibility and concern for the environment are important to us when we select suppliers and products. We therefore have a societal impact and sustainability strategy and Supplier Code of Conduct that set guidelines for what we require in environmental matters.
Here you can also find Societal impact and Sustainability strategy, guidelines for Gifts and hospitality and the Statement on Modern Slavery Act.

Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC)

The framework for our work to foster environmental and social responsibility in our supply chain is based on our Supplier Code of Conduct and various guidelines for responsible sourcing.
Supplier Code of Conduct defines our requirements for suppliers in terms of their responsible business conduct and ensures that we obtain the greatest possible responsibility in our supply chain.
Supplier Code of Conduct - EN  Supplier Code of Conduct - DK

Overview of policies and reports

  • See the environmental requirements we set for ourselves and our suppliers.

    Danske Bank strives to conduct business on the basis of customers’ needs in a profitable and sustainable manner.
    Our  is based on a number of internationally recognised principles in the areas of human rights, employee rights, the environment and anti-corruption. We want to ensure that we treat our stakeholders properly, minimise any negative impact on the environment and contribute to mutually beneficial value creation.
    Responsibility in our core business

    Our sustainability strategy is a set of general principles that are put into practice through strategies, business procedures and processes that ensure that sustainability strategy is an essential part of our core business. We concentrate on using our knowledge and skills in a way that benefits society at large. We do this by communicating our financial knowledge to customers, among other things.

    Sustainability strategy addresses the following core areas of our business:

    • Responsible investing
    • Responsible lending
    • Financial education and inclusion
    • Responsible employer practices

    It also treats the following areas:

    • Sustainable Supply Chain
    • Environmental and climate considerations

    Read Danske Bank's sustainability strategy

  • Read Danske Bank Gifts and hospitality set of rules for giving and accepting gifts and hospitality

    Danske Bank Group has implemented a Gifts and Hospitality Directive that applies to all employees. It is the Group’s standards for giving and receiving gifts and hospitality.

    The standards ensure that we always act with integrity in our interactions with customers and other business partners, thus safeguarding our relationship with you against potential conflicts of interest or accusations about bribery and corruption. 

    Download the Gifts and Hospitality Directive >

  • Danske Bank Group supports the UK Modern Slavery Act. 

    See our statement >

  • In our Sustainability Report 2022, we describe our approach, our activities and our performance in 2022.

    See Sustainability report