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Risk assessment and dialogue

Working with responsible sourcing we wish to ensure that products and services are produced responsibly, and that the suppliers comply to our requirements and the Supplier Code of Conduct. At the same time we do not want to burden all suppliers with unnecessary questions and time-consuming processes. Our risk assessment is therefore based on three steps, and many suppliers need only go through the first one.
Supplier Code of Conduct


Risk assessment in three steps

  • In the tender process the supplier goes through a pre-qualification where we, among other things, ask about the type of products or services in the tender and where it is produced. We use the answers to initially assess the risk profile of the supplier and the product/service, and whether it is relevant to ask further in-depth questions.


  • If we after the pre-qualification questions believe that the supplier or the product/service poses a high risk, the supplier will be asked to reply to a further in-depth questionnaire about environmental, social and governance policies and initiatives.


  • Depending  on the outcome of the in-depth questionnaire we will start a dialogue and if necessary agree on a corrective action plan with the supplier. The aim of the plan is to ensure that the supplier will be able to live up to our Supplier Code of Conduct, environmental requirements and other guidelines.

    If the dialogue and the agreed plan does not resolve the issues to the Group's satisfaction, further discussions will take place. This may result in the company not being selected or not being able to continue as one of the Group's suppliers.


Online invoices

Enter your invoices online. If you cannot e-Invoice us, you can easily enter your invoices directly on our website.
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Social responsibility

Social responsibility and concern for the environment are important to us when we select suppliers and products.
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Procurement platform

In Danske Bank, we use the digital platform Ivalua for sourcing and contracting processes with you - our suppliers.
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