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Our sourcing proccess

In Danske Bank we have a central unit which is responsible for all purchases for branches, departments and business units across the Group. Most of the unit’s collaboration with suppliers happens through Ivalua – Danske Bank’s supplier management, sourcing and contracting platform.

We choose our suppliers on the basis of an overall assessment of price, quality and their ability to meet our environmental, security and process standards. When we assess the price of a product, we look at the total cost of ownership, which includes purchase, delivery, current costs and disposal.

Overview of procurement

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We source products and services in many areas. In the overview below, you can see the specific environmental requirements for a number of products.

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We base our sourcing processes on professional sourcing models. Our central purchasing unit enters into relevant master agreements to help the Group’s units do their day-to-day purchases in our webshop.

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In Danske Bank we collaborate with our suppliers via our sourcing and contract platform Ivalua. As a supplier you will experience multiple benefits by using this intuitive platform.

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We operate with a number of standard conditions that make it easier for both parties to do their business.
These pages describe our security and delivery requirements and our travel policy if you need to travel as a supplier for Danske Bank Group. You can also read about our position on confidentiality and references.

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