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Solution 2: PDF-invoices via Basware

This solution is suitable for you if you are sending several invoices a year and are not able to send e-invoices via a VANS provider (e-invoice service provider).

In case of any questions regarding online invoicing solutions, please contact Danske Bank:

Using PDF-invoices

Please follow these steps:

  1. Register to the Basware Portal in order for us to identify your company as an e-invoice sender.
  2. Create a PDF invoice with your regular invoicing software and email it to Danske Bank. Basware creates an e-invoice based on the data in your PDF and delivers both the e-invoice and the original PDF to Danske Bank.
  3. The PDF needs to be machine-readable text-format (the invoices cannot be handwritten, scanned or contain images). An easy way to confirm that your PDF is machine-readable is to check that you are able to copy the content to a notepad.

Email addresses for the PDF-solution

The email address for the PDF - solution are as below. Please do not use these emails before signing up on the Baseware portal. If you have not signed up the invoice will not be processed.