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Solution 2: PDF-invoices via Basware

This solution is suitable for you if you are sending several invoices a year and are not able to send e-invoices via a VANS provider (e-invoice service provider).

In case of any questions regarding online invoicing solutions, please contact Danske Bank:

Using PDF-invoices

Please follow these steps:

  1. Register to the Basware Portal in order for us to identify your company as an e-invoice sender.
  2. Create a PDF invoice with your regular invoicing software and email it to Danske Bank. Basware creates an e-invoice based on the data in your PDF and delivers both the e-invoice and the original PDF to Danske Bank.
  3. The PDF needs to be machine-readable text-format (the invoices cannot be handwritten, scanned or contain images). An easy way to confirm that your PDF is machine-readable is to check that you are able to copy the content to a notepad.

Email addresses for the PDF-solution

The email address for the PDF - solution are as below. Please do not use these emails before signing up on the Baseware portal. If you have not signed up the invoice will not be processed.

Online invoices

Enter your invoices online. If you cannot e-Invoice us, you can easily enter your invoices directly on our website.
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Solution 1: Interconnect invoice sending

Key Benefits: Quick and easy way, possible integration with ERP systems, faster payments, accurate invoice informatio.
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Solution 3: Basware Portal Key-in Service

Key Benefits: Access to e-invoicing via a web browser, free of charge, faster payments, accurate invoice information.
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