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Solution 1: Interconnect invoice sending

This is the preferred solution if your company is sending many invoices a year and is capable of sending e-invoices via a VANS provider (e-invoice service provider).

In case of any questions regarding online invoicing solutions, please contact Danske Bank:

Sending e-invoices to Danske Bank

You can use your existing connection to send e-invoices to Danske Bank. Please follow these steps:

  1. Please ensure that your VANS provider collaborates with Basware by checking this list: Basware e-invoicing partners.
  2. If you do not find your e-invoice service provider from this list, please download this document.

  • 18. okt 2023E-fak krav NO VANS netverk 1.1 Norwegian
  • 24. mar 2022E-fak krav SE BGC 1.1 Swedish
  • 18. okt 2023E-invoice req. DK Suppliers 1.1 English
  • 18. okt 2023E-fak krav SE VANS 1.1 Swedish
  • 18. okt 2023E-invoice req. FI Suppliers 2.0 incl OVT