Strategic direction

Danske Bank’s Group Sustainability Strategy prioritises acceleration of six focus areas that will leverage synergies between business and societal value creation. On this page, you can read more about our Sustainability strategy and targets towards 2023.

Sustainable finance

Substantial amounts of finance will be necessary for transitioning into more sustainable economies and societies. Therefore, sustainable finance is placed at the core of of our efforts to advance sustainability. This means actively supporting our customers to achieve their sustainability ambitions and helping them navigate towards a more sustainable future by providing relevant products and advice.

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2023 Targets for Sustainable finance

We help our customers achieve their sustainability ambitions through financing and investing

Well above DKK 100 billion in sustainable financing. 

2020 status: DKK 102 billion since 2019 and thus the target will be revised during 2021. 

Set a climate target for the corporate lending book in line with the climate goals of the Paris Agreement. 

2020 status: 23% of corporate loan portfolio mapped for climate impact.

DKK 400 billion in investment funds that promote ESG (article 8 funds).

2020 status: DKK 230 billion. 

Danica Pension to have at least DKK 30 billion of its investments placed in assets that support the green transition. 

2020 status: DKK 27 billion since 2019.

Danske Bank Group Treasury 

At the end of 2020, Danske Bank Group Treasury had invested more than DKK 9.4 billion in green bonds that, for example, are issued for large renewable energy projects and climate protection. New opportunities to invest in green bonds are evaluated on an ongoing basis.


Startups are the big companies of the future and will generate significant societal impact in terms of jobs, economic growth and driving innovation for sustainable solutions. Yet many of them fail to develop into viable businesses despite holding significant potential. Our ambition is to help Nordic startups and scaleups in growing their business and increasing their positive impact.

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2023 target for Entrepreneurship

We support new businesses in creating sustainable growth and our target is to support 10,000 startups and scaleups with growth and impact tools, services and expertise by the end of 2023. The target links to Sustainable Development Goal #8: Decent work and economic growth.

2020 status: 5,065 start-ups and scale-ups supported since 2016.

Financial confidence

Despite the many strengths of the Nordic societies, personal finances remain a source of worry for many.  It is well established that learning and developing sound money habits early in life is an essential foundation for financial confidence. However, parents often struggle to foster good money habits with their children, especially in light of the increased digitalisation of money.

Financial confidence is therefore a focus area of our sustainability strategy where the ambition is to help our customers and society as a whole achieve greater financial confidence with a particular focus on children and youth.

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2023 target for financial confidence

Our target is to increase the financial confidence of 2 million people by the end of 2023. This target links to Sustainable Development Goal #4: Quality education.

2020 status: 1,154,913 people supported since 2018.

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Governance & integrity

Governance & integrity is about operating in a repsonsible and transparent manner which covers compliance, fraud protection and responsible sourcing  in the Sustainability strategy.

Our ambition for compliance is to strengthen a culture of compliance and integrity – and continuously develop our systems and the knowledge and skills of our employees within compliance and risk management. 

Our ambition for fraud prevention is to fight financial crime by proactively preventing fraud, which is harmful to both our customers, our business and society at large.

Our ambition for responsible sourcing is to ensure responsible supplier relationships and integrate environmental, social and ethical standards in the selection and ongoing evaluation of suppliers.

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2023 target for Governance and Integrity

Our target is to consistently have over 95% of employees complete the annual mandatory compliance and risk management training.

2020 status: 95% of employees trained.

Employee well-being & diversity

Employee well-being, diversity and inclusion in our workplace are key to unlocking the full potential of our employees and broadening our thinking.

We want to be better at supporting the mental and physical well-being of our employees and grow a diverse and inclusive workplace that reflects the societies we are part of –ultimately enabling us to provide the best customer experience.

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2023 target for Employee well-being and diversity

Gender diversity is a recognised multiplier for other areas of diversity and we have set a target of at least 35% women in senior leadership positions by the end of 2023. This links to Sustainable Development Goal #5: Gender equality.

2020 status: 28% share of women in senior leadership positions.

Environmental footprint: Minimising our own environmental footprint

The environmental challenges that our planet faces require all actors – large and small – to minimise their environmental footprint. 

As a provider of financial services, the environmental footprint of our business operations is limited compared with that of many other industries. Nevertheless, with more than 20,000 employees and premises across 12 countries, our environmental footprint is not insignificant, and minimising it is an important part of driving sustainability in the workplace.

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2023 target for our environmental footprint

Our target is to reduce our CO2 emissions by 75% in relation to 2010. This links to Sustainable Development Goal #13: Climate action.

2020 status: 86% CO2 emissions reduction since 2010 and 48% since 2019. Because this significant drop in CO2 emissions is mainly a result of the corona pandemic, our current 2023 target will be retained without change.

Sustainable finance

Read more about the sustainable activities we finance and invest in and get the latest news on sustainable finance.
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We want to play an active role in society by driving sustainable progress and using our expertise to make a positive difference.
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Our approach

Read more about our Sustainability strategy, related policies, position statements and the international initiatives and standards we support.
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