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Despite reputation for strong gender equality, the Nordics has yet to see this crossover into the tech scene

According to the recently published report on investment gender diversity in the Nordics, the percentage of investments within the tech industry going to companies founded by females is surprisingly low.

Only 1 in 10 investments in the region are made into a company with at least one female founder. In total numbers, 103 tech startups with at least one of the founders being female received angel or VC funding in 2017. This represents 13.19% of the total number of tech investments in the Nordics last year. On a business angel level this is even lower, with just 7.01% being female.

Furthermore, just 26 all female-founded teams received investment in 2017, representing 3.28% of the total investments in the Nordics last year.

Norway above average – but can improve
Norway is punching above the average in both, suggesting we could look to Norway for best practices to improve these numbers, but here also, there is room for improvement. Denmark performed the worst, meaning it has the furthest to go in terms of improving gender equality in tech.

The report is made by the Nordic Web, the number one resource for data-driven analysis on the Nordic tech and startup scene, and supported by Danske Bank.

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