Life at Danske Bank

Who are we in Danske Bank?

Meet some of our cool colleagues from different countries sharing more about life, work and culture in Danske Bank. We are more than 22.000 colleagues who all contribute to a diverse palette of skills and expertise. Learn more about how we give back through voluntary activities and take a look at some of the social activities in Danske Bank. 

Meet our cool colleagues


"We can be so much better and have much more fun when we are a highly diverse team…"

Meet Dennis



"This is the place! This is where I want to be!"

Meet Ece



"I used to get bored in my jobs really quickly - but not with IT, because things change really fast"

Meet Ona



"One of our ambitions is to ensure that the companies we invest in on behalf of customers make a real difference"

Meet Martin


"When we use each other's strenghts, we gain so much"

Meet Martine


"A flexible parental leave made the difference for me and my family"

Meet Rune


Explore other colleague stories


"I believe diverse perspectives result in better decisions and results"
Meet Carina
"My expertise was utilized from day one"
Meet Kirstine
 "A good leader simplifies and keeps a helicopter view"
Meet Riikka
"Banks play a critical role in the green transition" Meet Maria
 "I believe, transparency and collaboration is the path to success" Meet Suryadeep


Social communities and voluntary work

We have a wide range of communities in Danske Bank, created and driven by employees. Here are some examples of the communities where colleagues meet and share interests. 

Rainbow Network

Colleagues have established an internal Rainbow Network for anyone who wants to support the LGBTQ+ agenda and inclusion and diversity in Danske Bank. 

How we support the pride

The Nordic Influencers

Colleagues have established a community called 'Nordic Influencers' to influence the strategic and cultural journey across the Nordics. Four of them share how they impact the strategy. 

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