Life at Danske Bank

Who are we in Danske Bank? Meet some of our cool colleagues from different countries sharing more about life, work and culture in Danske Bank. We are more than 22.000 colleagues who all contribute to a diverse palette of skills and expertise. Learn more about how we give back through voluntary activities and take a look at some of the social activities in Danske Bank.   


Meet our cool colleagues

Meet Carina

Head of Commercial Excellence 

“Having a diverse background helps me in understanding different ways or working and thinking. Our global team consists of employees with multiple backgrounds when it comes to career, education and nationality. Many of us do not have a typical background within banking and finance. This is a great asset and helps us in examining tasks from different perspectives”

Carina shares with us how the diverse team she is heading delivers better decision, and in the end better results to the customers. 
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Meet Marthine

Country Head of Customer Service Delivery
She is soon taking up her new role as Head of Strategy Execution, Business Risk & Controls, Norway. The way to become a top leader has been a constant learning journey. Marthine Bodd Five is sharing her journey as a young leader in Danske Bank. 

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Meet Maria Simonson

Head of Societal Impact & Sustainability at Danske Bank

Maria shares her view on how banks have a critical role in the sustainable progress, and how it is through business change will be delivered.

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The Nordic Influencers

A community of employees established to influence the strategic and cultural journey across the Nordics. They are working on a shared mission to drive engagement and motivation in Danske Bank, to the benefit of the employees.

Four of them share how they impact the strategy, and what it is like to act as a sounding board to the management team i Danske Bank.

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Meet Riikka 

Head of Retail Banking in Finland 

Riikka shares her view on how complexity requires a leader to have a helicopter view and simplify the bigger picture, both for clients and employees. 

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Meet Rune

A tailored flexible parental leave made the difference for me and my family 

“Instead of leaving work for a condensed period, I agreed with my manager that I was on leave two days a week, and worked the last three days. The days I was working, my wife was on her maternity leave”
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Meet Martin 

Senior Portfolio Manager and winner of ‘Sustainability Hope of the Year 2020’

Last month, Danske Invest Global Sustainable Future, came to light. Now Martin received an award at the Sustain Awards 2020, recognised as a talent driving the sustainable agenda forward in the financial sector.
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Meet Kirstine

Analyst, in Quantitative e-trading.

Kirstine started her career in Danske Bank as a 'First Year Analyst'
Learn more about our First Year Analyst programme 

Already from the beginning of her career, Kirstine was able to influence the ways of working and used the possibility to provide improvements. Read Kirstine's story about how she from day one impacted the ways of working in her team. 

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Meet Suryadeep 

Head of Direction & Traction, Digital Banking.

Suryadeep started his career at Danske Bank as a graduate, after five years in the bank he is today Head of Direction & Traction, Digital Banking - Retail Channels. A team that focuses on the overall strategy and follow up of customer outcomes and risk for our digital channels for retail customers.

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Meet Shirin - Graduate in the team Societal Impact & Sustainability


Follow Nikolai at the trading floor


Giving back

At Danske Bank we have the opportunity to spend a workday on voluntary work, we call it 'Time to Give'. Meet some of our great colleagues who spend a day giving back, ex. by cleaning the nature, helping boys from vulnerable neighbourhoods kick-starting start-ups or providing debt counselling for people with debt problems.
Giving back 


Meet our social communities

We have a wide range of communities in Danske Bank, created and driven by employees. Here are some examples of the communities where colleagues meet and share interests. 

Rainbow networks

Colleagues have established internal Rainbow network for LGBTQ+ and allies* in various countries, including Denmark, Lithuania and Northen Ireland.
*Allies refer to anyone who wants to support the LGBTQ+ agenda, inclusion and diversity in Danske Bank.

How we support the pride

About Danske Bank

We are a Nordic bank with strong local roots and bridges to the world. We want to create long-term value for our customers, shareholders and the societies we are part of.
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Meet our executives

Our management is made up of a number of board members and executive managers. They all have solid leadership experience and extensive international backgrounds.
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Sustainable Workplace

Fostering a sustainable workplace focuses on the physical, structural and cultural working environment that we provide for our employees.
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