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Customers and services 

By making day-to-day banking, financial decisions and the sustainable choice easy, we aim to help our customers create new opportunities, achieve financial confidence and realise their potential and ambitions.

We achieve this by offering competent advisory services and sustainable financial products and services, supported by some of the best digital solutions on the market. 

Our customers are served by three business units: Personal Customers, Business Customers and Large Corporates & Institutions.
In addition to banking services, we provide life insurance and pension products, mortgage finance, asset management, real estate agency services and leasing.

Seamless digital customer solutions

Pocket Money is a digital solution to help both parents and children aged 8-14 keep track of the money. It consists of an app and a pocket money card for children as well as a feature in our Mobile Banking app for parents.

In the pocket money app, children can see when their pocket money is paid into their account and how their savings develop.

Parents can use Mobile Banking to transfer money and keep an eye on their children’s pocket money. Children can then use the pocket money card for spending.

Searching for your dream home, it is easy to focus only on the price. But what does a home actually cost per month? And how much is left, when the expenses are paid? Our digital housing tool gives you the full overview. The tool serves both as a personal housing loan calculator and as a site showing the homes that house hunters can afford and how a specific home purchase will affect the financial situation.

Solution in Denmark
Calculator in Sweden 
Calculator in Norway
Services in Finland
Creating an overview of a business’s finances can be both complex and time consuming, particularly if doing so requires sourcing data from different systems and providers. With District, Danske Bank’s digital financial platform, business customers get a full overview of their accounts, transactions, liquidity and other financial tasks – across providers and systems and on a single platform that can be tailored to suit the individual needs of the business and user. And with District, a business’s data is well protected.

District enables the individual business to create a better overview, manage its day-to-day banking activities – and save time, allowing it to focus on its core business.


Meet some of our customers

We have a wide variety of customers: Families and singles, local startups and large, multinational companies – and everyone in between. We want to help them all fulfill their ambitions and potential.

I like going to flea markets and browse online market places for Nordic design classics. I find it fascinating that second hand items have a story to tell. In the future I dream of having a family, advancing my career and traveling around the world. I can’t wait to see what life has in store for me.

Sinituulia Lotta, 34

Human resources specialist and second hand enthusiast, living in Helsinki, Finland

Our ambition is to make everyday life easier for men all over the world by combining comfort with elegant design in our clothes.

Kasper Ulrich

CEO of Shaping New tomorrow

Shaping New tomorrow is a men’s clothing brand best known for creating simple and classic apparel that is both smart and comfortable. Founded in 2015, the company caters for men of all ages.

Our business areas

  • Our Personal Customers unit provides advisory services to personal customers and Private Banking customers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Our advisers and experts are there to help customers when and how it best suits the individual customer – at online meetings, via our websites or if so required over the phone or at a branch.

    When our customers need to make important financial decisions about, for example, their home, investments or pension, we offer customised advice that is based on their current situation and needs. And with our intuitive digital solutions, we aim to make it as easy as possible for our customers to do most of their banking business whenever and wherever they want.

  • We offer our customers advice that adds value to their business, no matter whether the customer is a sole proprietor or an entity in a multinational group. Our strategic advisory services are always based on the needs of the business, for example in connection with growth, an acquisition, a change of ownership, strategic development or international expansion.

    Our business customers have access to the market’s most innovative digital solutions that make day-to-day banking easy and pave the way for new insights and opportunities.

  • Large Corporates & Institutions caters to the most complex financing and transaction needs of large corporate and institutional customers, and we help them to prosper and grow.

    We offer expertise in financing, risk management, investments and financial advisory services, and our customers have access to our award-winning transaction banking solutions.

    Thanks to our extensive network and our many years of experience, we serve as intermediary between issuers and investors with a view to creating financing and investment opportunities. Our goal is to be an inspirational partner that understands the customers’ strategic agendas and offers tailored solutions to meet their needs.

    Geographical location 
    Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark are our four core markets. Our presence in seven other countries offers access to the rest of the world for Nordic businesses and serves as a gateway to our region for international businesses.

Transforming Nordic payments: Safer, simpler and faster across boarders 

Together with other Nordic banks, we are building the world’s first integrated region for domestic and cross-border payments, making transactions safer, simpler and faster. The project is called P27 and aims to create a Nordic real-time payment system – a digital highway for cross-border payments in the Nordics.

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