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Image bank

Find and download images of our management, other leading spokespersons, economists and analysts, our head offices and branches as well as the logos for Danske Bank, Realkredit Danmark and Danica.

Note: If you use material from our image bank, remember to observe the rules of Danish marketing legislation Under these rules, you may not use our material in connection with games and betting and providers of games and betting. If you use our material in connection with home finance content, the legislative rules do not apply.

Carsten Egeriis


Magnus Agustsson

Chief Risk Officer

Joachim Alpen

Head of Large Corporates & Institutions

Christian Bornfeld

Head of Personal Customers and Financial Crime Risk & Prevention

Karsten Breum

Head of Group HR

Stephan Engels

Chief Financial Officer

Johanna Norberg

Head of Business Customers & Country Manager, Danske Bank Sweden

Dorthe Tolborg

Chief Compliance Officer

Frans Woelders

Chief Operating Officer

Christian Bach Jensen

Head of Insights & Engagement

Anne Buchardt

Head of Private Banking, Global Private Banking

Erik Eliasson

Head of Sustainable Investment

Niels Halse

Head of 1st line Fraud Management

Claus Harder

Global Head of Markets & Transaction Banking

Klavs Hjort

Head of Growth & Impact

Anne Juel Jørgensen

Chief Consultant, Children & Young Adults

Mark Majgaard Wraa-Hansen

Head of Personal Customers, Denmark

Lance McGrath

Head of IT security

Linda Olsen

Head of Technology & Services, Personal & Business Customers

Samu Slotte

Global Head of Sustainable Finance

Pernille Stenstrup Christiansen

Head of Agricultural Business in Denmark

Christin Tuxen

Head of Business Banking, Denmark

Bo Wetterstein

Head of Large Corporate Banking, Denmark

Louise Aggerstrøm Hansen

Chief Analyst

Jacob Falkencrone

Chief Analyst

Christian Hilligsøe Heinig

Chief Economist

Sofie Manja Eger Huus

Senior Strategist

Nicolas Norby

Chief Analyst

Jens Nærvig Pedersen

Senior Analyst

Las Olsen

Chief Economist

Lars Skovgaard

Senior Investment Strategist

Bjørn Tangaa Sillemann

Senior Analyst

Allan von Mehren

Chief Analyst

Frank Øland Winther

Chief Strategist


Our Norwegian headquarters in Trondheim, Norway


Our main offices in Oslo, Norway

Danske Campus in Vilnius


Danske Campus in Vilnius, Lithuania

Danske Bank branch

Danske Bank branch

Danske Bank branch

Danske Bank branch

Danske Bank ATM

Danske Bank ATM

Danske Bank logo

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Danske Bank logo

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Danica Pension logo

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Danica Pension logo

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Realkredit Danmark logo

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Realkredit Danmark logo

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