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Net profit of DKK 2.8 billion for the first quarter of 2022


Return on equity after tax

DKK 2.8 bn

Net profit

"We have supported and will continue to support our customers in these uncertain times with our expert advisory services. We have confidence in our financial ambitions due to our diversified business model, strong credit quality and continued progress towards becoming a more efficient bank"
Carsten Egeriis

Chief Executive Officer

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Outlook for 2022

We expect net profit to be in the range of DKK 13 – 15 bn, including the gains from MobilePay, Danske Bank International and Danica Norway.


We expect income from core banking activities to be higher in 2022 due to good economic activity and progress towards our 2023 financial ambitions.


We expect costs in 2022 to reflect continued focus on cost management and to be around DKK 25 billion due to elevated remediation costs and the inclusion of Swedish Bank tax and regulatory expenses of around DKK 0.4 bn.

Loan impairments are expected to be below normalised level, given stable macroeconomic conditions and our overall strong credit quality.


The outlook is subject to uncertainty and depends on economic conditions.

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