Financial results 2018


Return on equity after tax

DKK 15.0 bn

Net profit

"2018 was a challenging year for Danske Bank. The serious and demanding issue concerning the terminated portfolio of non-resident customers in Estonia triggered justified criticism from our stakeholders and led to a number of changes at management level. We must use the lessons learned from this case to prevent something similar from ever happening again."
Jesper Nielsen

Interim Chief Executive Officer

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Outlook 2019

We expect net profit for 2019 to be in the range of DKK 14-16 billion. This excludes any potential gain on the prospective sale of Danica Pension Sweden.

We expect net interest income to be at around the level in 2018, as volume growth will be offset by higher funding costs and margin pressure. This is subject to changes in funding spreads.

Net fee income is expected to be higher, due mainly to the effect of the acquisition of SEB Pension Danmark and subject to customer activity.

Expenses are expected to be at around the level in 2018 (including the donation of DKK 1.5 billion) due to higher costs related to AML, SEB Pension Danmark, VAT and a higher activity level. The outlook includes costs of DKK 0.3 billion specifically earmarked for AML digitalisation efforts.

Loan impairments are expected to be higher.

The outlook is subject to uncertainty and macroeconomic developments.

We maintain our long-term ambition of being in the top three among major Nordic peers in terms of return on shareholders’ equity.

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Income statement
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