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Our purpose

Danske Bank’s purpose is central to our identity, how we collaborate with each other and how we operate our business – for our customers, employees, investors and society. Our purpose forms the basis of our strategy and our ambition to become a better bank for all our stakeholders. Our purpose is:

We release the potential in people and businesses by using the power of finance to create sustainable progress today and for generations to come

What we mean by the different words and expressions used in our purpose statement

  • Release the potential in people and businesses

    People and businesses hold a lot of untapped potential, and a loss for the individual is also a loss for society.

    At Danske Bank, we believe that human potential is the most valuable asset in the world and is the key to driving positive change. Therefore, we want to be potential-seekers as well as risk managers.

    We want to support changemakers, large and small, and break down barriers for action.

  • The power of finance

    When we combine financial solutions with knowledge, we enable people, businesses and society to make a difference and create a positive development.

    We believe that our resources will create a positive impact if applied with focus and responsibility.

    We are committed to using our expertise and size to drive scale – alone and in partnership with others – while creating volume by encouraging and inspiring our customers to use their power.

  • Sustainable progress

    We believe that having a long-term approach is key to creating a positive impact.

    As well as being committed to long-term focus by developing sustainable solutions that contribute to long-term positive impact and that enable all to take part, we also deliver on our short-term goals.

Strategic focus

Our strategic focus is to become a better bank for everyone, and in 2019 we set ourselves four ambitions for becoming a Better Bank towards 2023.

To be among the top two in customer satisfaction in everything we do.


At least 90% of our employees are engaged.


We will operate sustainably, ethically, and transparently – and have a positive impact on the societies we are part of.


Achieve a 9-10% return on shareholders’ equity and a cost/income ratio in the low 50s.

About Danske Bank

For 150 years, Danske Bank has strived to be a driver of growth and development in society. We have developed in tandem with the societies we are part of, We will continue working for that - every day.
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Customers & services

We enable people to repay in full their ambitions and potential through advice, expertise and financial solutions.
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Our history

Danske Bank Group’s history goes back to the founding of Den Danske Landmandsbank in 1871.
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