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As one of the largest financial institutions in the Nordic countries, Danske Bank has both the ability and the determination to be part of finding solutions to the challenges our planet and societies are facing. We are committed to creating sustainable progress, and we believe that including sustainability in all aspects of our business is fundamental to create lasting value for all our stakeholders.
On these pages, you can read more about how we ensure sustainability throughout our workplace and how we help our customers achieve their sustainability ambitions through financing and investing.

More about our strategy


Danske Bank undertakes comprehensive survey to strengthen inclusion

After #metoo, many companies are conducting employee surveys of harassment and discrimination, but few have undertaken as comprehensive a survey as Danske Bank has just done. The results will be used as a springboard to becoming an even better workplace.
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Danske Bank starts measuring on the biodiversity impact of our banking activities

As the first Nordic Bank, Danske Bank have signed up to Partnership for Biodiversity Accounting Financials (PBAF). The partnership enables us to measure, and in the long term, set concrete targets for our impact on biodiversity.
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Danske Bank supports women who wants to be part of the tech industry - “It was difficult to get a job in Denmark”

In 2021, Danske Bank entered into a partnership with ReDI School – an organisation that helps women with a non-Danish ethnic background into the tech industry. The bank’s development organisation have now employed the first women and has also jump-started a new round of recruitment for trainees.
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sun and trees

Projects financed by green loans save the planet one million tonnes of CO2

In 2021, projects funded by green loans from Danske Bank and Realkredit Danmark have saved the atmosphere from CO2 emissions equivalent to 4 million flights from Copenhagen to Paris.
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Our focus areas

Massive amounts of finance will be necessary for transitioning into more sustainable economies and societies. Therefore, we consider the areas of financing and investing at the core of our efforts to advance sustainability.

This means actively supporting our customers to achieve their sustainability ambitions and helping them navigate through these changing times by providing relevant products and advice.

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Entrepreneurs and small businesses are essential to innovation, productivity and economic growth in society.

We want to make it easier for Nordic start-ups and growth companies to accelerate expansion, achieve their ambitions and make positive societal impact. On this page, you can read more about our various initiatives to help sustainable start-ups to scale.

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Personal finances remain a concern of many, despite the many strengths of the Nordic societies. There is a broad consensus that the development of healthy pen habits early in life is an essential foundation for financial security. Nevertheless, many parents struggle to create good money habits for their children – especially in view of the increased digitalisation of money.

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We operate in a responsible and transparent manner.

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At Danske Bank, we to want to grow an inclusive, sustainable and engaging workplace, where we maintain a safe and healthy work environment and promote diversity and inclusion.

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Reducing carbon emissions from our operations is a central element in our efforts to minimise our environmental footprint.

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We want to play an active role and make positive impact in society. One way to do that is, for instance, by sponsoring initiatives that foster financial confidence and nurture local communities.

By using our sponsor portal, you can apply for a sponsorship in one of our Nordic markets.


Selected publications & policies

  • 03. feb 2022Sustainability Report 2021
  • 02. feb 2022Sustainability Fact Book 2021
  • 17. mar 2022Sustainable Finance Policy
  • 17. mar 2022Responsible Investment Policy
  • 01. okt 2021Diversity and Inclusion Policy
  • 25. mar 2021Danske Bank Position Statement Fossil Fuels
  • 25. mar 2021Danske Bank Position Statement Climate Change
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Contact us

Please contact us if you have questions or comments about our work with Societal Impact and Sustainability. 

Sustainable financing

We are fully committed to support the market for sustainable bonds, and green and sustainability-linked loans, by providing expertise and advice to issuers and investors.
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Sustainable lending

When we grant loans to our business customers, we enter into a long-term commitment. Because of this, we always carry out a thorough evaluation so that we fully understand the financial situation of each and every business customer.
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