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IT & Tech

Our digital ambitions are big
- do you want to shape the future as well?

Open positions

In the coming years we will further strengthen our digital platforms and services as part of our strategy Forward '28, and we will i
ncrease our investments from 3 to 4 billion DKK annually in digital and tech.

One of our goals is to enable our customers to independently manage their own finances -  swiftly, conveniently and securely. To achieve that, we need skilled IT experts, from project managers to developers.

Reasons to join us

An international community of 3.000+ IT colleagues. We trust each other and it's our differences that unite us

The possibility to create global, innovative solutions that influence the daily lives of millions of customers

Comprehensive employee benefits - e.g. competitive, fair pay, a flexible working model and other benefits for wellbeing

Hear what our IT & tech colleagues say

Meet Herluf - IT lead

What drives an IT lead at Danske Bank, that is working with improving customer experience in a complex area?

Watch this video with Herluf to hear him explain. 


Meet Valdas - cloud solution architect

Valdas Mazrimas, a Cloud Solutions Architect at Danske Bank, shares his story of joining the company as a senior developer five years ago and his following development.

Meet Valdas

Meet Ninna - Chief software engineer

Why does Ninna loves working in the bank?

Hear her explain in this video.

Some of the areas we hire for

Our software engineering teams develop the future digital solutions using a variety of modern technologies and agile methods. In teams with other highly dedicated colleagues, they expand the existing product suite with new features by applying best practices in designs and utilisation of technologies. On this journey, we use programming languages like C#, JavaScript and supporting frameworks like .NET and Angular.  Roles we typically hire for:

  • .Net developers
  • Java developers
  • Javascript developers 
  • Software developers


Banks operate in data-rich environment and deal with large volumes of transactions daily. Data science is a natural and crucial part in banking and used in several areas across the bank e.g. risk management, fraud detection and prevention, and overall for better decision making. As a bank we work with a lot of sensitive data, which needs to be handled in a more complex way. This contributes to more interesting and challenging ways of working, where data science plays a big role. Roles in the area we typically hire for:
  • Data scientists
  • Business Analysts


Cloud development is increasingly advancing across many industries, and banking is no exception. It brings numerous benefits that can revolutionize the way banks operate and deliver services. We offer several roles within cloud-native, cloud-based and cloud-enabled development, to transition and expand our infrastructure and applications to run on public cloud. Roles we typically hire for:
  • Cloud engineers,  both backend and frontend
  • Enterprise- and Solution Architects
  • Data and platform/infrastructure specialists
  • Software leaders

We blend AI solutions with in-house innovations to build an environment where IT experts can shine on projects that make a difference. Join a collaborative team where your skills will contribute to a secure and streamlined work environment, allowing everyone to concentrate on what matters most. Whether you're designing new apps, weaving in exciting new tools, or unlocking GenAI's possibilities, you'll be at the forefront. Roles we typically hire for: 

  • AI engineers
  • Cloud & Software Developers 
  • Data engineers & AI Data Scientists
  • GenAI specialists  

Three big tech centres

Most of our IT experts are located in Vilnius, Copenhagen and Aarhus.



We have recently moved into our brand new Domicile, at the heart of Copenhagen. Our office is located just a few minutes away from the central station. 


Modern Danske Campus in the centre of Vilnius, hosts more than 4000 of our colleagues and is looking for more IT talents.



In the Danske Åahus office, we have more than 400 IT experts working on serving our customers every day. 

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