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Want to land a graduate position? Here’s how!

From left: Anette, Juliet, Constantin and Niamh 

Finding the right job after graduation can be a struggle. We asked four of our current Danske Graduates to share their best advice to the Master’s students out there dreaming of an international career start. 

Constantin Marinescu, 2016 Finance & Economics graduate:
“Do your research and make sure you know 100% why you are applying. The ‘why’ is such a powerful thing for you as a candidate. Read the annual report, reach out to that 2nd or 3rd degree connection on LinkedIn who is a Danske Graduate. I’m pretty sure you have one – if not add me on LinkedIn and ask me! I did that, and it really helped me understand why Danske Bank is such a good place to work after university, if you want to use your degree to do something meaningful.”
Niamh Cery Hesketh, 2016 Business Innovation graduate:

“Go for it! You probably have an impression of what Danske Bank wants but any background and profile goes, we are so much more open minded than you think. I have a degree in art history and I used to think that I needed to play down my background when I applied for jobs but I have found out that that is actually what makes me stand out.” 

Juliet Jie Zhang, 2017 Business Innovation Graduate:

“My best advice is to never be afraid to challenge the status quo. As Danske Graduate we are hired for a reason and part of that is to be a fresh pair of eyes and challenge the way the bank works. If you see something that you feel like you can improve or spot a project that you are passionate about, go for it. I know that when you are applying for a job and going to interviews you want to adapt and fit in but it doesn’t hurt to speak out.”

Anette Kaae Eriksen, 2016 Business Innovation Graduate:
“It’s easy to say to yourself: ‘so many talented people apply for the graduate programmes so I probably won’t get it’. I say go ahead and apply! If you don’t try you will never find out if you have what it takes to make the cut.”