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Annual general meeting

Danske Bank holds its annual general meeting once a year. Our last annual general meeting was held on 16 March 2023.

Information - annual general meeting 2023

  • 03. apr 2023General meeting 2023 minutes incl distribution of votes and Chairmans report
  • 17. feb 2023Agenda - annual general meeting of Danske Bank AS 2023
  • 16. mar 2023Danske Bank - Articles of Association 16 March 2023
  • 17. feb 2023User guide for electronic attendance
  • 17. feb 2023Privacy notice for shareholders in Danske Bank AS
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FAQ - annual general meeting

Find answers to your questions about the notice convening the meeting, registration, the place of the annual general meeting and technical requirements when attending electronically.  

Notice convening the meeting, registration, documents

  • The notice convening the meeting will be sent to all shareholders who have registered their email address and who have requested to receive the notice by email.

    The notice will also be published here on our website and via Nasdaq Copenhagen.

    Please use the link below to register your email address in order to receive electronic communication in the future including amongst other things notice convening the general meeting and the Annual Report.

  • Once published, the notice convening the meeting will be available here.

    If your shares are not registered in your name or have been purchased after 9 March 2023, you are not registered in Danske Bank’s share register.

  • Only your bank can register your shares by name. Upon such registration, we will receive information about your shareholding and update our share register accordingly. Please note that the registration may take a few business days.

  • Shareholders can attend either

    • electronically via the InvestorPortal, where shareholders can live stream, vote and submit questions in writing during the general meeting
    • in person
    • via proxy/vote by correspondence.

  • Once the notice convening the meeting has been published, you can register in three ways. 

    • Electronically via the InvestorPortal 
    • By contacting VP Securities A/S on tel. +45 43 58 88 66
    • By returning the completed and signed registration form by e-mail or by physical mail to

      VP Securities A/S, c/o Euronext Securities
      Nicolai Eigtveds Gade 8
      1402 Copenhagen K.
  • When the notice convening the meeting has been published, you can find the relevant documents on this page.

    The documents will also be available to shareholders for inspection at Danske Bank’s address at Holmens Kanal 2-12, Copenhagen.

  • Yes.

    Questions must be sent to Danske Bank by e-mail to or by ordinary mail to Danske Bank A/S, Holmens Kanal 2-12, DK-1092 Copenhagen K, for the attention of the Company Secretariat.

    Shareholder questions/comments relating to items on the agenda will – to the extent possible – be answered either in writing prior to the general meeting and uploaded on or presented by the chairman of the general meeting and answered verbally during the general meeting.

  • Shareholders whose shares are registered by name can register either via the InvestorPortal or by printing the request form on this page and sending it to us either by physical mail or by email.

    Registration must be made in the name of the company, but state the name of the person who will be representing the company. The person representing your company is allowed to also register an adviser.

Time, place, technical requirements, guests

  • When the date for the general meeting is made public you can find it on this page or here.

  • When the place for the general meeting is made public you can find it on this page or here.

  • Questions may be asked from the podium when attending the general meeting in person.

    If you have registered for electronic attendance, it will be possible instead to submit written questions via the annual general meeting portal (upon logon). Please note that the number of characters when submitting a question is limited.

    Other questions, e.g. relating to the management’s report, may be sent to ahead of the general meeting.

  • Please see the notice convening the meeting for technical requirements and guidance on how to register. The InvestorPortal will be open for testing ahead of the general meeting.

    Shareholders experiencing technical problems may contact the InvestorPortal hotline on tel. +45 43 58 88 94, where staff will be ready to assist.

  • In case of negative developments in the COVID-19 situation, Danske Bank may once again have to take additional precautionary measures to protect the health and safety of all participants, e.g. by encouraging all shareholders to attend the meeting electronically or requiring that physical attendance be accompanied by restrictive measures.

  • A shareholder or a proxy may register attendance at the general meeting together with an adviser. A confirmation of the adviser’s registration, including separate login to the InvestorPortal will be sent by e-mail to the shareholder in order for the shareholder to forward it to the adviser.

  • Shareholders who have not registered their attendance or are attending by proxy may follow the live webcast of the general meeting by logging on to the InvestorPortal using their MitID and InvestorPortal credentials. The live webcast will be available to all shareholders, and no prior registration is necessary.

Personal data

  • With regard to Danske Bank’s processing of personal data in connection with general meetings, reference is made to ‘Privacy notice for shareholders in Danske Bank A/S’, which is available on this page. Reference is also made to Danske Bank’s policy on personal data and information on matters in relation to personal data protection, which is also available on this page.

Electronic communication

We send shareholder information electronically.

In order for you to receive communications and publications from us, as well as access information regarding your shareholdings, we recommend that you register your email address on the Shareholder Portal.

It is also possible to request admission cards for general meetings and appoint a proxy.
Register email address

Number of shares and voting rights 

At the date of the notice convening the annual general meeting in 2023, the total number of Danske Bank shares and voting rights was DKK 862,184,621. Each share entitles the holder to one vote.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the annual general meeting, you are welcome to contact the Company Secretariat.