Annual general meeting

Danske Bank's next annual general meeting will take place on 17 March 2020 at KB Hallen, Peter Bangs Vej 147, 2000 Frederiksberg.

To submit proposals
Any shareholder who proposes business to be transacted at the annual general meeting on 17 March 2020 must submit the proposals in time for them to be received by the Board of Directors’ Secretariat no later than Wednesday 12 February 2020, at 4.00pm.

Documents from our latest annual general meeting

  • 18. mar 2019Annual General Meeting 2019 Presentation
  • 21. feb 2019Annual general meeting 2019 Agenda

Shareholder rights

Our shareholders have the right to attend Danske Bank's general meetings, vote and appoint a proxy to participate.
  • Attend

    To attend our general meetings, you need to register

    • on our InvestorPortal or
    • by calling VP Investor Services on +45 43 58 88 91

    You must have an admission card to attend the general meeting. You can order the card on the InvestorPortal from the date the meeting has been announced until two days before it takes place.

    Three to five weeks before the annual general meeting, we publish a notice convening the general meeting on NASDAQ OMX Nordic and announce it on this website. If you wish to receive a notice by e-mail, please write to or register your e-mail address on the InvestorPortal.

  • Vote

    If you want to vote at the general meeting, you can either attend the meeting or send your vote before the meeting. You can vote with the number of shares that you own at the registration date, which is one week before the general meeting. One share equals one vote.

    If you vote before the meeting, you may vote electronically via our InvestorPortal or by sending a voting form to VP Investor Services, Weidekampsgade 14, 2300 København S.

    The voting procedure is determined by the chairman of the meeting. In some cases, proposals may be adopted or rejected by a unanimous decision without a vote; in other cases, a written ballot is required.

  • Appoint a proxy

    All shareholders have the right to appoint a proxy to participate in the general meeting.

    A proxy

    • must be appointed by a written and dated proxy form
    • is generally entitled to exercise the same rights as the shareholder
    • may be instructed to vote in a specific manner on specific items on the agenda

    The proxy form must be submitted to the chairman of the meeting at the general meeting or sent in advance. The chairman decides on the validity of the proxy form and ensures the proper treatment of any votes. You can also submit your proxy electronically via InvestorPortalen.

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