Responsible Disclosure

The safety of our customers' information and assets is our top priority. Despite this, there may be instances, where security issues exist in our systems. Therefore, we encourage anyone, who have discovered a vulnerability in our systems to act instantly and help us improve and strengthen the safety of our sites and systems.

Here are a few examples of vulnerabilities that you are welcome to report:

  • Remote code execution
  • Cross site scripting
  • Cross site request forgery
  • SQL injection
  • Encryption vulnerabilities
  • Authentication bypass / unauthorized data access

When you contact us, please include the product, where you found the issue and as many details as possible to help us identify the exact area of the issue.

We will investigate all reported potential vulnerabilities and inform you directly about the progress of the investigation. If you wish to report the issue anonymously, please state this in your communication, and we will not contact you or retain your personal information.

When you report a vulnerability to us, please encrypt your message using this PGP Key

How to report a vulnerability

If you detect a security issue with any of our products, please let us know by mailing us at