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Group IT

Join Danske Bank's community of 3,900 IT Professionals in Group IT to create global, innovative solutions that influence the daily lives of millions of customers across our markets. You will work closely together with colleagues from Danske Bank's business units in an agile manner. We utilise many different competences that continuously evolve as digitalisation and technologies advance.

Competence areas

Our software engineering teams develop the future digital solutions using a variety of modern technologies and agile methods. In teams with other highly dedicated colleagues, they expand the existing product suite with new features by applying best practices in designs and utilisation of technologies. On this journey, we use programming languages like C#, JavaScript and supporting frameworks like .NET and Angular. Design patterns could be based on REST APIs and microservices.

IT Operations is responsible for ensuring excellent customer service availability and stability by adopting innovative technologies and stronger processes for fast recovery. Our teams operate 24/7 to ensure rapid detection of service disruptions and effective restoration of services. We leverage our existing capabilities and setup beyond IT related matters, meaning that in addition to perform excellent IT operational management, our teams support the bank in managing non-IT situations. As an example, our service desk support business units to manage situations with high volume of activities.

The fight against cybercrime is becoming increasingly important. At Danske Bank, it is crucial to ensure that our IT solutions are of very high quality where cyber and information risk is balanced with business drivers and evolving threats. We strive to leverage world-class security capabilities to mitigate risk and thereby drive trust in Danske Bank as tomorrow’s digital bank.

The job as Business Analyst spans over a variety of assignments in an organisational context, by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders. A genuine interest in applying digital solutions is paramount. Typical tasks of a Business Analyst is conceptualisations, clarifying requirements, stakeholder management planning and conducting implementations.

Four development centres in three countries

Danske Bank has multiple development sites in Copenhagen, with the largest site located in Ejby, Glostrup. About 1,000 employees work here and specialise in key technologies and operation to support our business units and headquarter functions. Other locations in Copenhagen are in Holmens Kanal, Lyngby, and minor sites in city centre.

All newly educated employees will join our Danske Tech programme to ensure a successful start to their professional career.

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Danske Bank's Development Centre Aarhus is home to more than 450 employees collaborating on the development of financial technologies such as MobilePay. At the location, we have canteen, gym and every Friday a club to socialise with your colleague after work

All newly educated employees will join our Danske Tech programme to ensure a successful start to their professional career.

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Danske IT was established in India in 2012 as a fully-owned subsidiary of the Danske Bank Group, today with more than 1,400 employees solving complex technological challenges to deliver digital solutions for Danske Bank's customers. Technologies include Angular, React, C#, Java, PL1 and infrastructure services like Cloud Computing. They also deliver excellence in areas like API enablement, Process Automation & Data Analytics.

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DGITL is the name of our development centre in Lithuania and established in 2014 to execute on Danske Bank’s IT insourcing programme. In five years, DGITL has become the fastest growing IT organisation in the capital of Lithuania, with more than 1.000 employees.
More than 40 teams work in a global setting on IT infrastructure engineering and application development to operate and create innovative digital financial solutions; this comprises a.o. private cloud development, robotics, mobile apps.

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Meet our colleagues

Hannah - Software Engineer

What do you work with?

I started as student IT, but I now work as a Software Engineer in CorePayment, where I primarily help develop and maintain the MobilePay backend.

What do you especially like about your job?

I am fairly new in my position, so what I really enjoy is collaborating and exchanging ideas with my colleagues and learning from their experience. It is really rewarding to see that my fresh ideas can add value to our technical solutions and to the team.

Hannah, IT Software Engineer, Denmark 

Alexander - Security Engineer

What do you work with?

I started working in Group IT as a student and joined full-time after graduation. I am part of the Application Security team, where we test software and systems in the organisation for security vulnerabilities to protect the bank from cyber-attacks.

What do you especially like about your job?

The IT systems of the bank are complex and use a wide range of technologies; old and new. That allows me to develop my skills in many different areas, while also gives me the opportunity to dig deep into specific topics that interest me.

Alexander, Cyber Security, Denmark 

Sayok - Software Engineer

If I have to describe my 6+ years with Danske Bank in a single word, it would be ‘Growth’. Starting out as a software engineer working on legacy platforms, I now work with a team, which is responsible for driving digital transformation for the bank. The Cloud development journey is an important area in that spectrum. We equip developers including campus recruits with tools, the expertise and the training to embrace the transformation effectively. Apart from core engineering projects, I am also involved in strategic collaboration driven projects where we support other business units.
At Danske Bank, we have end-to-end ownership of the project, which makes it both challenging and exciting. The recognition and appreciation I have received from the organisation only serve as inspiration to deliver further break through results.

Sayok, Senior Software Engineer

Danske IT, Bangalore

Simonas - Cloud team manager

What do you work with?
I am leading a team of software engineers and experts who are constantly improving Danske Bank’s Private Cloud experience for thousands of Danske Bank’s IT Developers.

What do you especially like about your job?

With moderate effort and some lines of clever code, my team has saved thousands of developer hours on deploying applications to the Private Cloud. Those time savings and the huge impact are reasons why I particularly love and am excited about my job.

Simonas, Cloud team manager, Vilnius 

A challenging industry

What I really enjoy about working in Danske and the financial industry are the challenges. We work with real-time transactions. This means that everything we do has a huge impact and that a slight mistake can have big consequences. Having to stay sharp and on my toes is intellectually stimulating. I have also had great support from my managers in my ambition to work towards a role as business analyst. They have really helped me believe in myself and develop the skill set necessary to flourish in my new role.

Ritam, Chief Business Analyst