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Fintech that is rethinking expense reporting expands cooperation with us

Say bye bye to crumpled receipts, vouchers that have gone missing and the hassles of personal outlays. Fintech Pleo offers a business solution that automates expense reporting via intelligent software and a corporate card, and now they are expanding their cooperation with Danske Bank.

Pleo is developing a prepaid corporate card that can be paired with a mobile app and accounting software that automatically matches receipts and provides an overview of all of the business’ expenses in real time. By automating expense reporting, the business saves time and money. The expanded cooperation with Danske Bank implies, among other things, that Pleo gets access to virtual accounts and thus part of Danske Bank’s infrastructure. 

Image: The founders of Pleo, Jeppe Rindom and Niccolo Perra

Pleo is a great example of how integrated financial solutions create a good customer experience, and we believe that Pleo represents one of the most innovative financial solutions in Denmark and abroad. So we are very happy with the expanded cooperation that will help Pleo's customers in the Nordic countries manage their expenses through an efficient combination of automated liquidity management, real-time payments and credit cards with several currencies.

Jon Schäffer

Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, Fintech and Open Banking, Danske Bank

The expanded cooperation makes Pleo expansion possible  
The expanded cooperation enables Pleo to scale the solution to new markets and will place Pleo in a stronger position to challenge standard payment card solutions through its state-of-the-art customisable credit card offering with several currencies. More than 4,500 businesses have already switched to Pleo in Great Britain, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. In 2019, Pleo will enter the Spanish and Irish markets – and the solution will be launched in another four countries in 2020.

Jeppe Rindom, CEO of Pleo says: “The cooperation with Danske Bank enables us to scale our revolutionary technology faster across the European market and helps us transition from our original one-product offering – the prepaid corporate card – to something much more scalable for the future and something much more broadly adopted.”

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