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Chinese Office eases Danish businesses' access to attractive market

This summer media quoted a recent DCCC report (Danish Chamber of Commerce in China) based on input from Danish businesses concluding that new legislation and tightening of rules have made it more difficult for Danish businesses to enter the luring Chinese market. Danske Bank is trying to make that entry easier though our local Chinese Office setup.

Chinas 1,4 billion population and significantly improved living standards makes the country highly attractive to many small and mid-size companies in the Nordics. Unfortunately, lack of knowledge regarding ways of doing business and linguistic difficulties makes it hard to enter the enormous market successfully. Danske Bank’s China Office makes it possible for business customers to penetrate and network their way into this completely unknown market.

Our ambition is to help Nordic companies settle fast and successfully in China. In order to do this we seek to provide them with answers to all of their questions during this process. Local expertise is crucial to commercial success as culture and ways of doing business are significantly different from what we do in Denmark and the rest of the Nordic region.

Mathias Boyer

Head of China Office, Danske Bank

What takes our customers by surprise in China?

Present where there is a need 
In Danske Bank we want to be present, where our customers need us. That is why in 2016 the Danske Bank Chinese Office was established.

How do you find the right Chinese bank that understands your specific needs and concerns as a mid-size Danish export company in a country where banks with +300 million customers is not an unusual phenomenon? How do you secure an efficient account and legal setup in the local market while at the same time making sure you are familiar with and get access to relevant authorities?

Bridges to the world
“There is no doubt that China is of great strategic importance for many of our customers.  Our “bridges to the world” strategy means we need to be present in markets that are important for our Nordic customers and so it makes good sense that we have a physical presence in China to help our customers fulfil their ambitions in China.  Given the scale and diversity in China, we can serve our customers better by having people in China who can be closer to the market,” says Paul Gregory, Global Head of Corporate & Institutional Banking, Danske Bank.