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Realkredit Danmark forms partnership with PropTech Denmark

Realkredit Danmark is entering into a partnership with PropTech Denmark – a newly started innovation hub that aims to turbocharge the development and adoption of technological solutions in the real estate sector.


PropTech is an innovation hub that not only strives to increase focus on the technological offerings within real estate but also works to build bridges between innovative tech companies, the real estate sector and the financial services industry.   

Realkredit Danmark will be represented on the board of PropTech Denmark by Senior Vice President Annette Troelsen. She heads Realkredit Danmark’s department of valuers, which specialises in appraising all types of real property in Denmark.

We see great advantages in partnering with PropTech Denmark. As a mortgage credit institution, we’re close to the real estate sector, and we possess expertise and competencies in relation to providing advice and financing. The use of technological and digital solutions is something we’re talking more and more about with our customers. Now we’re moving even closer to innovation companies, and this lets us keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to development tendencies and trends.

Anette Troelsen

Senior Vice President, Realkredit Danmark

Denmark should set its ambitions high
“We’re seeing a significant rise in interest in tech opportunities when properties and homes for the future are being developed. And we believe that PropTech can help increase focus on the technological opportunities for the real estate sector,” explains Anette Troelsen.

This view is shared by Nadim Stub from PropTech Denmark. He has experienced that there is a great deal of support for PropTech Denmark, which has entered into a number of partnerships with stakeholders across the fields of innovation, real estate and finance.

“This is an area where we in Denmark should have high ambitions,” says Nadim Stub. “New and innovative solutions can be used to increase efficiency when renovating or constructing buildings for the future, and this will serve to create a better living environment for residents.”

Nadim Stub also believes that new technology and innovative solutions can play an important role when it comes to supporting increased sustainability in the real estate sector, and he sees much potential in solutions that can support market trends such as the sharing economy and co-housing arrangements.