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Swedish HSB chooses Danske Bank for its home savers

HSB is improving its home saver offer by switching banking partner from Swedbank to Danske Bank. This will mean more advantageous terms and conditions for HSB home savers and more funds to choose from. HSB has around 140,000 home savers with capital of some SEK 3.9 billion who will be transfered to Danske Bank in the first six months of 2020.

I am proud to be able to present our new and more advantageous home saver offer. HSB has been helping home savers for almost 100 years and never has such a longstanding tradition felt so new. It is harder now to buy your own home than for a long time, which means long-term saving plays a very important role. We are now making it even more attractive to have a home saver account with HSB.

Pernilla Bonde

VP, HSB Riksförbund

The number of funds will be increased from two to around ten to offer home savers funds with different risk profiles and time horizons, including funds for savers with high sustainability demands. In addition to this broader range of funds, interest terms and conditions for HSB home saver account holders will also be improved.


The switch from Swedbank to Danske Bank follows a review by HSB of its home saver offer and extensive banking services negotiations. At the end of the negotiations process, the Danske Bank offer was assessed as the most attractive to home savers. 

Johanna Norberg

Naturally, we are incredibly pleased that HSB is choosing to partner Danske Bank for its members and their home savings. Developments on the housing market today mean that more and more people will have to build a home savings account and we hope that our strong offer can be one factor in home savers choosing to invest with HSB. We look forward to welcoming all home savers to us in 2020.

Johanna Norberg

Country Manager, Danske Bank Sweden

New customers will be able to open a home saver account with Danske Bank from 1 of January. The banking switch for existing savers will begin during 2020. By the end of the year, all current home saver account holders will receive information on how to switch their home savings, which they will have to do to retain home saver points that give them priority to HSB cooperative apartments and tenancies.
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