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First litter of start-ups have graduated from Danske Bank's +impact accelerator

How can businesses help solve some of the worlds biggest challenges? In Danske Bank we want to support that agenda - therefore we have invited nine Nordic startups to participate in an intensive 12 week training programme, and now the first litter of startups have graduated from the +impact accelerator.

Impact startups know how businesses can help solve some of the biggeste challenges that the world is facing. They see the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as business opportunities and they unite the mindset of an NGO with that of a business. Typically, however, these pioneers lack a deep business understanding to be able to grow and create a sustainable business, that is also economic.   

+impact accelerator = three months of training  
That is why nine Nordic startups have just graduated from a three months intensive training programme on Danske Banks +impact accelerator in Copenhagen, where they among other things pitched after funding among potential investors. 

The training programme has given the participants insights into the process of transforming theory to practical knowledge by creating a solid strategy and a business plan and by dealing with budgeting and customer insights to create optimal customer journeys.

Impact start-ups look at global challenges as business opportunities. The entrepreneurs want to earn money - not to live a luxury life, but to see the sustainable mission, that their business have, come alive.

Klavs Hjorth

Senior Vice President, Business Innovation 

See video with selected start-ups from the graduation day  


Facts about the nine startups  

Three start up businesses from Sweden and two from Finland, Norway and Denmark respectively were chosen among 160 applications when the first +Impact Accelerator was launched in October 2018. Focus was put on the participating start ups’ could easily scale up their business model and their ability to possibly solve one – or several – problems as they are described in the 17 international SDG’s. 

  • Everfells is building a sustainable travel platform that makes it easy to book unforgettable trips in national parks, wilderness areas, and private landsprovides sustainable travelling.
  • Checheza seeks to use their learning platform to help more than 300 million children world vide without basic mathematical, reading and writing skills.
  • Provement develops a B2B solution to help both doctors and patients fighting child obesity.
  • Crey Science democratises learning based on creative tools enabling all users to create content.
  • Drowzee uses up to date neuro feedback research in its B2C solution designed to cure insomnia.
  • New Movements designs and creates comfortable sneakers made by recycled materials, and at the same time cleaning the oceans for plastic every time a pair of shoes are sold.
  • SignLab builds an international learning platform to teach siblings and parents of millions of deaf children sign language.
  • Useless builds an investment platform to make people consume less on a global scale and invest the money saved in the process. 
  • Lulu Lab in a game developer focusing on issues of taboo and thereby making it easier for children, youngsters and adults to discuss difficult or delicate topics.

About the +impact accelerator 

The nine Nordic impact start-ups have had a temporary base at SingularityU in Copenhagen during the 12 week training course, where they have developed their business understanding. The programme has been managed by our partner Katapult and is a recognized and practically oriented MIT 24-point programme.

The participants have lived together and used each other for feedback, while receiving training. The +impact accelerator is based on Danske Bank's platform + impact, where impact startups can post challenges that experts can help them solve.

The participants have lived, lived and been taught together and saved during the period. The accelerator is based on Danske Bank's platform + impact, where impact startups can post challenges that experts can help them solve.