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Agreement on purchase of shares - Danske Invest Administration A/S

Company Announcement No 10/2008

Danske Invest Administration A/S (DIA) is the investment management company of i.a. the unit trust groups and associations listed below:

Investeringsforeningen Danske Invest, Specialforeningen Danske Invest, investeringsforeningen Danske Invest Select, Investeringsforeningen Danske Invest AlmenBolig, Placeringsforeningen BG Invest, Investeringsforeningen Profil Invest and Fåmandsforeningen Danske Invest Institutional.

The conditional agreement covers all the shares held by the unit trust groups and associations in the investment management company Danske Invest Administration A/S (DIA), i.e. 92.44% of the company’s shares.

The unit trust groups and associations will continue to be owned and controlled by the unit holders.

The price of DIA’s total share capital has been set at DKr 73.9 million, equal to the shareholders’ equity in the company at the end of 2007 plus an amount of DKr 10 million to cover know-how. Danske Bank will pay transaction costs totalling DKr 7 million on behalf of the unit trust groups and associations and Danske Bank itself.

The transaction is subject to approval by the general meetings of the unit trust groups and associations, and by the competent authorities. The approvals are expected to be granted in time to allow the transaction to be completed in the second quarter of 2008.

The transaction will enable DIA to integrate its IT systems on Danske Bank’s IT platform and thus to manage unit trusts and funds in a number of Danske Bank markets outside Denmark. It will also enhance DIA’s product development potential and strengthen the company’s bargaining power visà-vis its suppliers for the benefit of unit holders.

The boards of directors of the seven unit trust groups and associations mentioned above, which all consist of the same group of persons as DIA’s board of directors, recommend that the unit holders approve the sale to Danske Bank of the shares in DIA at the annual general meetings on April 8, 2008 (for Investeringsforeningen Profil Invest on April 14, 2008).

In accordance with section 24 of the Danish Act on investment associations, special purpose associations and other collective investment schemes, etc., the boards of directors have prepared a statement (in Danish) on the advantages and disadvantages of the sale of shares in the company.

The statement can be viewed at and will be sent to all holders of units registered by name together with the notices of the general meetings.

Danske Bank

Niels-Ulrik Mousten

Contact: Niels-Ulrik Mousten, Danske Bank, +45 45 13 96 91

This is a translation of a company announcement in the Danish language. In case of discrepancies, the Danish version prevails.